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Ragnarok Battle Offline, or RBO as it is commonly known is a 2D side scrolling brawler, closely based on the MMO by Gravity Corp, Ragnarok Online. It supports local multiplayer for up to 3 people to play cooperatively. It also has three expansion packs, each featuring extra scenarios.

Originally only released in Japan, it's popularity has lead to the release in other east Asia countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and The Philippines. Despite an English translation existing for the Philippines release, it has not recieved a release in western territories. An unofficial translation patch for the Japanese version also exists making importing a more viable option for westerners.


Ragnarok Battle Offline features the same seven classes as Ragnarok Online's original classes, one of which must be unlocked. Male and female variants have slightly different attacks and skills.


The Acolyte is a support class. Their attacks are very limited in power, but features healing and an "Increase Agility" skill that can increase the move speed of any character. This makes them very useful when playing cooperatively.


Archers are a ranged attack class that use a bow & arrows as their primary attack. While they have a limited supply of arrows, a create arrow skill allows more to be created at the press of a button. Their skills include a Backstep skill which quickly moves the character out of the way of melee attacks. Arrow Shower is another skill, which fires a shower of arrows at the enemies.


Magicians are the main offensive magical class in the game. Their standard attacks are slow and not very powerful, but they have powerful magical attacks and skills. They also have two defensive skills to help their otherwise meager defenses.


Merchants are unlike any other class. They have the ability to mug enemies to gain coins, and can also gain coins from enemy attacks. These coins are then used to launch powerful attacks.


Swordsmen are the main melee combat class in the game. They have strong attack skills, and HP recovering skills to help them survive for longer.


The thief is a speedy class that relies on agility. While their attacks are not very powerful, they can do quick combos of attacks, and can quickly retreat to avoid damage.


The novice class is unlocked by completing the game with all six of the other classes. They are extremely slow and weak, and exist to give the most dedicated players a challenge.

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