A question regarding character development (Minor Spoilers)

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@lookout86: I had the same issue with every new party member. My latest addition currently can be killed by enemies before they've been able to move at the start of the battle which isn't exactly fun. I've got Gorodo to around level 25 and maxed out his speed, strength and defence and he still can't take the amount of punishment that Baldren and Dozeru can. His skills all push him into the brawler role where he can do some decent damage, especially againts the zombies, but he can't stay alive for long enough to be anywhere near useful.

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@lookout86: The only positive thing I suppose is that I disliked Dozeru at first as I couldn't kill anything with him due to his movement speed, low attack and defence but now he's easily my favourite party member. Maybe Gorodo will have a breakout moment sometime in the future just like Dozeru, but I'm up to the desert trying to recruit the final party member and he's dying faster than ever before to things the others can take out in 2 hits.

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Well this seems kind of shitty. Do you guys try to grind much? I got the Archer chick up to par with my Hero but when she hit 10 she didn't get another sub-turn and it kind of pissed me off. We are about to go into Disrep's camp and my main is 11 and the chick is 10. What lvl is Dozeru when you get him?

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@crazyleaves: Each character gets additional sub turns at different levels. Dozeru has the slowest speed stat but gets sub turns faster than Baldren so he can move further but less often. Trisha always has less sub turns than the others but later gets an ability that lets her do a teleport attack which helps her mobility and is good for getting out of (or into) trouble. Grinding does become essential and tedious but the easiest enemy to do this on are the slimes in the swamp east of the main town. Some split when you kill them dropping large amounts of pearls.

@lookout86: The next shop restock for you should have something to make poison attacks trivial. Found that killing an enemy with poison doesn't make them drop pearls.

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