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Raven is first located on the boat in Round 5. In the beginning of Round 6, depending on the difficulty level, the player may fight up to five Ravens at once on the beach. Far more disciplined than the average thug, Raven and his similarly bird-theme named colleagues like to approach cautiously with a tightly maintained stance and block loosely-thrown attacks before launching some impressive techniques with their legs (possibly Muay Thai techniques, judging by his moves and his appearance). While Raven's jumping knee and high kick(used to drop unwary airborne attackers) are both fine moves, their most brutal technique is to let loose with a barrage of quick low kicks and tear great chunks out of the protagonists' lifebars. Unlike Barbon and Zamza, Raven's blocking technique is completely successful in ensuring that he does not take damage. However, unlike his colleagues, Raven's block does not allow him to move backwards while being attacked, and out of the player's reach.

To continue with the theme of some enemies very clearly being influenced by Street Fighter characters, it is clear that Raven is inspired by Sagat. The fact that he is actually a kick-boxer further adds to the similarities. He also has a knee lunge very similar to Sagat.

Raven is the most powerful of the regular thugs in the game. His speed and strength would make him a great mini boss on a level but he only seems to occur at certain points in levels unrelated to boss fights.

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