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A roundhouse is a foot-technique taught in martial arts. Many people mistake different kicks for a roundhouse, but the most basic (and probably most useful) version is taught in Shaolin Kung-fu. In this, the user raises their leg in the air, bending it so that their foot is as close to touching their butt as possible, while positioning their arms -- pointing towards the target -- for balance (a position known as a "Three-point Stance"). From there, the person will kick horizontally, moving the leg enough so that it would go through the target (an expression referring to moving from one side of the targe, past the other), before snapping it back into the Three-point Stance. Generally, the next step is to switch into the Crane position (the practitioner will balance on one leg, with the raised leg bent, so that the leg is at least level with their waist (and as close to their body as possible), while keeping their foot solid, and horizontal. This allows for a myriad of other kicks to be used right away, as most techniques start from this position, or to protect the groin), before either kicking again, should it be needed, or moving back into a standard fighting stance (called a Bo-Stance in Shaolin Kung-fu).

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