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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is a standalone version of the incredibly popular "The Mercenaries" minigame that has appeared in Resident Evil games since Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It takes characters and stages from both the Resident Evil 4 version of The Mercenaries as well as the Resident Evil 5 version, including its DLC, and combines them into one game. A number of new additions and tweaks have been added in the process. Unfortunately, as none of those new additions are characters or levels, the game is rendered entirely superfluous.

A "pilot" demo of Resident Evil: Revelations is included with the game.


Melee attacks.

Like it is home console counterparts, the playable characters are controlled in third person, with an over-the-shoulder camera style. However, aiming weapons can now be performed in a first person perspective, and the shoulder buttons allow strafing while aiming your weapon. The player may also move whilst they reload their weapons or use a healing items (a first for the series), though shooting still restricts you to stand on the spot.

There is also a new, extremely limited character customization system, which will allow players to pick which skills to give to a character, as well as choose their weapon layout. The game is set to feature two-player co-op labeled "Duo mode" via the Nintendo Wi-Fi service.


Chris will have his first encounter with Los Illuminados.

Eight playable characters are available in Mercenaries 3D. They are:


Eight stages have been revealed.

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries StagesResident Evil 5 Mercenaries Stages
The VillagePublic Assembly
Salazar's CastleThe Mines
Island BaseMissile Area
Ship Deck


The game sparked some controversy upon release. It was revealed that data can not be reset on the cartridge, meaning that there is no way for somebody to delete his or her progress (this is indicated to the user on the game's Manuel). This lead to certain amount of outcry to which Capcom answered that while making the game, the idea of the game one day being sold back and sold as used did not come to mind during development. Capcom qualified the situation before claiming that nobody would want to sell the game back due to the replay-ability of the game's levels:

In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, all mission progress is saved directly to the Nintendo 3DS cartridge, where it cannot be reset. The nature of the game invites high levels of replay-ability in order to improve mission scores. In addition, this feature does not remove any content available for users.

Despite this explanation, used copies of the game began going for extremely cheap following the game's launch. Gamestop began by not accepting the game as used before going back on their choice. However, the game is bought back for almost nothing (roughly 25% of its original price in most places that accept used games) despite the fact that the game is recent.

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