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As this is the first game I play of Rayman series, I'm quite impressed by the fast pace this game takes and the beautiful graphics and music this game presents.

Rayman and his friends wake up the old lady with their snoring which makes her send her army of misfits to invade this beautiful world. You set up in a journey to save this world in four different areas each with their own atmosphere after you have chosen a character to play with.

Basic gameplay of killing different enemies and maneuvering around obstacles and collecting coins ( collecting coins is very important as it could make you different levels again to collect them again if you missed the required number the first time around) is the gist of this game. It's start off easy and albeit boring but the fun starts at the later levels where your skills are put to test.

It's fast paced and it gets interesting when you unlock more attacks and abilities like gliding or running on walls. Moving from start to finish in a fast pace and skillfully is intoxicating.

This game looks beautiful as I find it has the best art style I've ever seen in a plateformer. Music that plays while you're playing rhymes with the gameplay and the commands you order which makes for an unbelievable music and sound effects.

Story line is basic and there isn't much of a dialog to speak of really. Rayman or whoever you choose to play by yourself or with a friend have to rescue the four kings in the four locales so that you get access to the final area..

This game rewards you generously on how much of a good player you are. These awards are worthy to advance faster in the game. Beautiful world, fun challenges and most importantly the fast pace make this game the best platformer this time around


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