phatmac's Rayman Origins (Xbox 360) review

The best platformer that I've played in years.

Rayman does what it aims to do brilliantly. The controls, which are vital to a platformer, are remarkably responsive. The level design is top notch as well. Everything around Rayman is great, the only problem comes from what Rayman is. It has a limited ceiling that it can reach. It's solid on all accounts, but still doesn't reach the insane highs that it sets out to accomplish. Still, I highly recommend you try it out.


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    Latforming-pay oodness-gay 0

    Platformers have always been one of my favorite genres when done well, which has become a relative rarity in recent times. All of that combines to make the occasional gem like Rayman Origins a real treat. If you have any appreciation for a good 2D platformer, Rayman Origins is the game for you.With platformers, it always begins with controls. Rayman Origins controls extremely well for the most part, which makes navigating the game’s dozens of levels fun at its core. There’s a snappiness to movin...

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