one_2nd's Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) review

An Almost Perfect Game (Single Player Only)

Now, I'm not the best writer so cut me some slack in that aspect of the review. I just want people to know about the game. Also I haven't gotten around to playing multiplayer yet so I didn't touch on that.
Red Dead Redemption is a great game. Rockstar has made many improvements from their previous games. 
I should start off by saying I'm a huge fan of the GTA Franchise, but I have a feeling that even if you're not you will agree with this review. Everyone says this game is GTA in the West. It's so much more than that. The shooting and cover system have met drastic improvements.  The story is fantastic. It's a bit shorter than GTA: IV's was, but with all of the extra stuff you can do it'll probably take you longer. I've played about 10 hours and haven't been bored for a second of it. Marston is also a much better protagonist than Niko. I can't really say why but I was never really a fan of Niko, but I love Marston. Not only that but it feels as if all of the characters in the game have their own individual personalities. 
Rockstar designed a shooting system where they combined auto-aim with manual-aim and it feels great. The whole "dead eye" system is cool and adds a lot to the game. There are a few problems where occasionally my gun won't aim where I want it, but there's not much they can do about that. I like how you aren't invulnerable while in cover, but it still helps a lot and is necessary in order for you to win missions. 
For the people, including myself, that thought that the terrain might get dull after awhile, it doesn't. There are random scenarios everywhere. You can be out in the middle of nowhere and see someone who needs your help, which is always fun. There is also that occasional person that pretends they need help then tries to steal your horse, or kill you. I've even come across a hanging where I was able to choose to either help the victim, or assist in the killing of him. I've only named one of the many things you can do, there is also: hunting, treasure hunting, farming, breaking horses, duels, cards, horse shoes, invading gang hideouts, and a lot more. Rockstar did a great job of not making this game boring while traveling through the plain terrain. There's always something to do. Also if you're not into that stuff you can always set up camp and teleport wherever you need to go and avoid all of the previously mentioned. 
Now for the negatives; there are occasional bugs and glitches. One involving my character walking by himself until he finally fell off of a cliff. Another negative is after you hunt down and skin an animal it shows a very repetitive cut-scene where Marston pulls out his knife, blood splatters on your screen, then Marston says one of three different phrases.  
In conclusion, this is a great game.  Definitely a contender for best game of 2010. If you're considering buying it do yourself a favor and go trade Final Fantasy and Assassins Creed 2 in and pick one up today.  
I give it a 9.8/10. 

Posted by bwfclr10

fantastic review for someone not good at writing. well done.

Posted by one_2nd
@bwfclr10: ty
Posted by Redbullet685

pretty good for being "not the best writer"

Posted by one_2nd
@Redbullet685: ty

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