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Liquid's Review of Read Dead Redemption Single Player

Being a die hard PC fan there are not too many xbox360 games that get me excited any more, but when a new free roaming title from Rockstar hits the shelves it gives me cause to head to the store.   Given the quality of work that this development team has produced in the past I went into this game with high expectations and the hopes that I would have many fine hours of game play ahead of me.   My expectations were greatly met even with a few rough edges this is  definitely a game I will be keeping in my collection.  

Lets take a detailed look at the single player side of this game.

Programming: (4.5/5)

After playing through the entirety of the game I would have to say that 99% of the programming is solid.   The other 1% however is some issues that could have easily been fixed with a bit more beta testing on their end.   Some examples include characters popping in and out, never ending torrents of bears, and the dreaded “hydraulic-esque” cart issue.   Which has been hot fixed to my knowledge.   These are not in anyway hampering the game play or the basic mechanics of the game whatsoever.   Over all the structure behind RDR is top notch.      

Graphics: (5/5)

Rockstar defiantly took what the 360 had to offer and brought it to the table.   Throughout the game I was presented with stunning vistas, realistic character models, believable scenery and of course the subtle nuances that bring the game to life.   Even though the engine can be slow to load building textures at time this was not a huge issue.   All and all Rockstar did the best with what they had and a produced a visually stunning game.  

Game play: (4.5/5)

From moment one to moment ten thousand you are always presented with something to do.   I believe that is very important when considering a free roam game.   You can easily stumble upon distressed locals, something to hunt, or somewhere to explore.   The shooting mechanics are solid.   Mounted movement is enjoyable and keeps you aware that you are riding a living thing.   The physics are believable and fun to play around with (drive a four horse carriage off a cliff, I dare ya! Lol).   The fact that they make it easy to progress at your own speed makes the game much more flexible for many different types of gamers.   The ability to save and quick travel almost anywhere is defiantly a plus.   It would have been nice to put in a help section to review the tutorials on specific game play mechanics, as I was left learning almost to the very end.  It also would have been nice to be able to swim (water is the cowboy killer).   Over all, Rockstar did so much right that even if there is something you find that you personally don’t like it is not a game ending issue.  

Storyline/Plot: (5/5)

Looking back at the story at a whole I would have to give RDR props for presenting some innovative twists and turns that I wasn’t personally expecting in a game.   Doing my best to not give anything away the story does take some unexpected paths as you start reaching the end of the game.   The paths that the writers took are, in my opinion, are what take this game from good to great.   Overall the story is solid, however there are times when I feel that the character is just not progressing as fast as he should, and doing more than enough for some of the other characters.    At times I felt somewhat confused and lost in the story but they left enough reminders through missions as to why I was doing the things that I was assigned to do.

Aside from the main story line you are presented with tasks from strangers.   These tasks are entertaining and a fun way to keep you entertained when wandering the world.   I wish though there were more of them.   I often found myself looking for more strangers instead of advancing the main story line.  

At the end of the day, the storyline is one of the better presented in most recent titles, and Rockstar had the foresight to leave the end open enough for DLC content or even a sequel.

Overall: (4.5/5)

After completing the game and seeing all that there is to it, I would have to say that this is one of the best games to come out this year so far.   Rockstar did very well with this title and I believe it is one of the best things to come out of their studios since GTA4.   Apart from the minor flaws it kept me entertained and coming back for more.   The single player defiantly presents itself with a good amount of incentive to play it through again.   So many times when purchasing a new game I have to wonder if your money was well spent.   In this case I would have to say it was and I would defiantly shell out more cash for additional content (hint, hint Rockstar).     I would defiantly recommend this game to a friend.    

Posted by LIquid1024

My first review.  More to come!

Posted by erinfizz

I think you meant "definitely" not "defiantly" throughout, but good job! :)

Posted by Yummylee

Anything below 5 stars = FFUUUUU!!!...Seriously I'm starting to become quite the RDR fanboy.

Posted by Chaser324

Great first review! I just stayed up until 2:00 AM finishing this game last night and...DAMN!!

Posted by Video_Game_King

Eh, not really a fan of the "segmented review" approach. It's an OK review, though.

Posted by StarFoxA

Decent review, but I'm with Video_Game_King on this one.

Posted by LIquid1024
@erinfizz said:
" I think you meant "definitely" not "defiantly" throughout, but good job! :) "
Oh the subtle nuances of spell check.
@Video_Game_King said:
" Eh, not really a fan of the "segmented review" approach. It's an OK review, though. "

Well everyone has their flavor.  In my opinion it would be difficult to not segment a review.  Every part of a game needs to be analyzed to determine if it is indeed good. 
Posted by Video_Game_King
But not in such a blunt manner. This is a critique, not an encyclopedia entry :P!
Posted by LIquid1024
@Video_Game_King:  Lol very true.  We will call it Liquidpedia!   :P
Posted by SJSchmidt93
@LIquid1024 said:
" @Video_Game_King:  Lol very true.  We will call it Liquidpedia!   :P "
Hmmm, that already exits, it's a Starcraft wiki.
Posted by AlwaysAngry

First review? Very good. 
Not good if it was your second though, and I honestly mean that.

Posted by LIquid1024
@SJSchmidt93 said:
" @LIquid1024 said:
" @Video_Game_King:  Lol very true.  We will call it Liquidpedia!   :P "
Hmmm, that already exits, it's a Starcraft wiki. "
Whew I'm off by a letter.  Don't need to worry about copyright infringement.
Posted by Cheetoman

I got to say this is a top notch review. I think that the shooting mechanics in this game have been the best Rockstar has put in a free roam game and the guns give you more of a kick than the past GTA games. 

Posted by LiquidPrince

Pretty good review.

Posted by Pepsicolaboy

Reads well mate. Good Job!  
4.5 feels like the right score to me as well. 
One thing though: its not an Xbox360 game. Its multiplatform. Dont know why it annoys me but it did.
Great work buddy look forward to more from you.
Posted by MysteriousBob

This looks like it was written by a ten year old.

Posted by AlwaysAngry

You know what? This review was pretty shit...  

" This looks like it was written by a ten year old. "
Posted by LIquid1024
@AlwaysAngry said:
" You know what? This review was pretty shit...  
" This looks like it was written by a ten year old. "
Yeah. "
Well everyone has their opinion.  So (this is to everyone) if you don't like my reviews there are others to read.  To try to make 100% of people happy 100% of the time is an obnoxious and unattainable feat.  
Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe

Thought it was good and interesting. Nice review, don't mind the random haters with no reviews of their own.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Thank you for making a readable review that is not just a wall of text. 
That is to say, fuck you, haters.

Posted by exenpipp

You need some commas, dude! But generally a good review :) I like the   segmented review, and think it is the way to write a review. 
Easy reading, btw! Keep writing, and you will get better:)

Edited by DukeT
@AlwaysAngry: I've seen you countless times on the forums being a douche. Now you come and put down a perfectly good review. Fuck you.. :)
Posted by AlwaysAngry
@DukeT: Hey! I'm never a douche on the forums! I'm a dick and asshole at times, but NEVER a douche!

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