sup909's Red Faction: Armageddon (Xbox 360) review

Overall Solid, But Gets Boring

I have to say that I was a huge fan of the last Red Faction game. While it wasn't perfect in any sense, it was a solid open world romp that let you play with the well known Volition destruction tech.

Unfortunately the newest game inthe series goes in a completely different direction. While the destruction is still there the play now finds themselves under mars, traversing caves in a fairly rout third person shooter. The weapons for the most part are uninteresting and being restricted to the underground also restricts the physics playground you get to play in. No more are there huge building structures that you get to play with and take down. What also must be one of the biggest bait and switches in game history too, is the fact that you start the first fifteen minutes of the game outdoors!!!!! It is then ripped from you for the next nine hours.

Enemy encounters are also pretty boring, pretty quickly. Some 90% of the game is spent fighting bug-like creatures in the underground. THe encounters sometimes grew incredibly frustrating when you had to run around a world looking for the spawn pod.

The biggest saving grace for the game was the gravity gun. IT was a fantastic weapon that I found myself going to over and over again to rain down mayhem. Because of the game design however, I rarely found myself going to the tried and true hammer that I used so often previously.

Overall it was an attempt at a different direction for the series that didn't really pan out.


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