infestedandy's Demons of the Badlands (Xbox 360) review

Demons is more of the same, satisfying, destructible gameplay

Having offered quite the destructible experience earlier this year, Volition has released the first piece of downloadable content for Red Faction: Guerrilla. Acting as a prequel to the excellent single-player, Demons of the Badlands provides more of what made Guerrilla so enjoyable in the first place.  

 Dude, there are spikes everywhere.

Alec Mason hasn’t arrived on Mars. As a matter of fact, he’s not going to for years. While it may seem strange, this expansion doesn’t follow the acts of the Red Faction at all. Instead, the spotlight centers around the Marauders and their attempts to thwart the Earth Defense Force (EDF) in Mariner Valley. 

Since Demons has a tremendous focus on the Marauders and their home, pretty much everything has the spiky, make-shift theme attached to it. Practically all the weapons from Guerrilla make a return and some with a little aesthetic mish-mash to make them look Marauder; basically cruel and menacing. None of the gameplay has changed though, so players who’ve completed the full-game will feel immediately familiar here and that’s a good thing. 

The strength of this add-on comes from the incredibly inventive Demolitions Master challenges and the new weapons to help deconstruct the landscape. You start off with a Spiker, which feels like the Marauder equivalent to the EDF Assault Rifle, but better. You’ll also gain access to a missile pod which I liked much more than the standard rocket launcher. The real keeper though is the super gauss rifle you receive once you complete Demons. The original rifle wasn’t that powerful, but this is three of those crammed into one, heavy-duty, vehicle throwing, structure collapsing, weapon. There are also some story based missions that definitely explain some things, but it isn’t all that important since the story wasn’t all that involving in Guerrilla anyway.

 The destruction is still awesome.

I found that just having more to do with the world Volition built was reason enough to purchase Demons. It wasn’t exactly long, but at $10 it gave me at least a couple hours of intense activity. If you enjoyed the original campaign even slightly, you’ll find much more to like here.

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