achievementplayer's Red Faction: Guerrilla (Xbox 360) review

destruction,jetpacks and more!!!

 This game is great in many ways for not only is itr a free roam with great weapons and gadets but the story takes place on MARS!!!!!!! This game had many great feayures lets start with the grapics they are fantastic for it really looks like mars if it were to be colonized. The challenge is good for some parts are hard while others are very easy. The controls are great except with using a jetpack then they get real touchy. The interface was fantastic in all ways. The sound is very nice for everything is so clear and you can here everyne whotlks to you perfectly. The responsiveness is great for enemies react to everything you do and they respond to everything soilders do. The story line starts like this you and your brother blow up a lab because your brother is a milita worker and he is killed for it son you avenge him by ending the people who did this. I would reccomend this game to most people who like free roaming,aliens,and mass destruction. 


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    Although Red Faction: Guerrilla will always be known first and foremost as a game about blowing stuff up, it should also be hailed for breaking the bonds of the open world genre. Don't get me wrong, the results of rocket-launching, bomb-laying and nano-reducing 99.9% of the objects on the terrain are an absolute blast to play with (no pun intended) and well worth the standard fare for a 360 title all by themselves. Surely the developers knew that this was going to be the best part of the game, s...

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