The "story" (spoilers)

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 Red Steel 2 its story as it progresses:

  • You are the last one from a clan that holds a sword
  • Some thugs are after the swords 
  • It is revealed that these thugs are hired by a rival clan after the sword
  • Those thugs killed your whole clan except you because you were exiled long ago and not around
  • The other clan wants the sword REALLY bad
  • Your masters exiled you long ago because he knew people would come after the sword 
  • You murder every one who comes at you
  • The sword is made out of the ore of a meteorite that is why the other clan is after it
  • You kill the rival clan and break the sword
Red Steel 2 has questionable voice acting, coupled with poorly developed characters reunited in a terrible story. Really how did this story get approved over at Ubisoft?
After finishing the game i was left with two questions :
Why where you exiled if on your own you can kill the whole rival clan? Would it not be better that you sticked with your clan mates so that they would not all have died?
Why the fuck is the rival clan after the sword?  The protagonist even breaks the sword with his own strength at the end despite it being made out of the ore of a meteorite. Why would anyone want to have that sword?
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I heard Doom has a pretty stupid story as well. How'd they get away with it? THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE.

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@Meowayne said:
"I heard Doom has a pretty stupid story as well. How'd they get away with it? THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE. "

Surprisingly, Red Steel 2 reminds me of Doom/Quake for this reason.  That, and the motion sickness I get from playing the game. 
The game has a nice style but everything looks generic.  Also, my first impressions of this game was "What was Ubisoft thinking releasing this game?"  As time goes on you seem to adapt.

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