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A group of people (terrorists) time travel from the present day back to World War II. Your job is to stop them from changing the course of history.

In an early real time tactics game, you will have to manage tanks, mobile missile launchers, command vehicles, demolition teams, soldier and engineers to break through the defenses of the terrorists. From your helicopter, you will mange money, ferry troops and protect your army from the helicopter and troops of your enemy.

As you progress from level to level, the intelligence of your enemy increases as well as his available force types. Dogfights with him can prove disastrous and you must be careful to manage your missiles, bombs and lives.

Additional challenges to victory are bunkers and barrage balloons. Bunkers can be destroyed or taken over. Balloon are tethered to bunkers can destroy enemy helicopters if they try to fly through them.

Victory is sweet, but if you do your job, nobody will know that history was in jeopardy.

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