Will Chris and Barry ever make a Jill Sandwich?

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Only when he's FOUND A CAN OF FIZZ.

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Barry: It's a weapon, it's really powerful, especially against living things, better take it with you

Jill:  But how about you Barry?

Barry: I have this

Jill: Thank you, I'll take this then.

ahhhhh, LMAO!!!

#5 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -

You mean will they ever have sex?

#6 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -

Hey Jill, lets make a sandwhich

Jill: Why is chris here?


#7 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3720 posts) -

I bet it would taste like a pulled pork sandwich.

#8 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -
BiffMcBlumpkin said:
"I bet it would taste like a pulled pork sandwich."
WTH? hahaha
#9 Posted by PartTimeNinja (344 posts) -

Maybe in a hacked version of the game with the Jill Sandwich minigame.

#10 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

A Jill sandwich sounds delicious.

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