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Desperate Indeed

 The last piece of downloadable content of Resident Evil 5 is now upon us. Whereas Lost in Nightmares gave loyal Resident Evil fans a taste of what their favorite Resident Evil games could be like, Desperate Struggle provides more of what Resident Evil 5 gave us: Lots of zombies, lots of ammo, and lots of frustrating moments that are unnecessary.

Desperate Struggle is about Jill being rescued by Josh from an underground cave that Chris and Sheva cleared out for him. We all knew Josh was an opportunist, but that's kind of taking it too far if you ask me. Jill then forces Josh to accompany her to a communications tower where she can relay a message to Chris about how to defeat Wesker. In this DLC pack you will be forced to fight through waves of Zombies until you reach the end, and unlike Lost in Nightmares' lax difficulty curve, Desperate Escape is rather brutal, leaving you pulling your hair out a lot of the times, even on Amateur difficulty. It seems like the designers were trying to give Western audiences more of what disappointed so many about Resident Evil 5: Mindless shooting while getting stabbed in the back from a rank and file Zombie because you can't sidestep while you have your gun out.

Zombies are nearly infinitely spawning in this mission, bigger zombies included such as the Executioner, Chainsaw, and Turret Majini. Whereas one of these enemies in the main game were challenging, facing 3-4 at once is simply brutal, and not thought out well at all. Compound that with rocket turrets that almost always firing at you, and seem to have lock-on technology going for them, you have a disaster on your hands that is quite simply not fun to play through. This can happen on any difficulty level at any given point, so simply watching your back will not help you at all.

You can't really blame Capcom for trying to go back to their old formula, but you can blame for their lack of balancing. Desperate Escape is something that almost no one can enjoy, and its' recommended that you stay away from this unfair mission, while not broken, may lead you to breaking something else.

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