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Capcom's First Succesfull Attempt At An On-Rail Lightgun Game

Resident evil Umbrella Chronicles is a different take on The Resident evil Series.
Usually In a Resident evil Game you'd find yourself running in what seemed like an endless enviroment scavaging for ammo,herbs,enimies,keys and files. In Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles the game puts you in a kind of "House of The Dead" trance this doesn't mean to say the game is bad in anyway Capcom Have actually executed this rather quite well. This Game Places you in The Events Of Resident Evil Zero,RE1,RE3, And an Umbrella Mission all of which Come with Side-missions with characters such As Ada Wong,Albert Wesker and our Guy "The Hunk" etc.

Like I said before The game is a kind Of Take on The Arcade On-Rails shooters you find such as "The House of The Dead" "Time Crisis" or any other light gun game I'm failing to mention, The Point is. If you see zombies on that tv of yours You just shoot the buggery out of them in any sort of way you see fit.Throughout the Game you Will Find the traditional Resident Evil Items Such as Herbs And Ammo And Files.You have a wide array of guns to choose from in a Final State of the Game,Most Of which differ in every way, Capacity,Firepower,Rate and Accuracy.
Some Non-Hardcore Gamers May Find This game a tad hard, but after a while you're mostly hooked to the game.
Some people may find The Movement In This game quite slow, And The Handguns Rapid fire tediously Slow. All of which though to me add realism.There are a few buggs here and there but none of which seem to effect the gameplay.The Game Cycles Through 4 Parts Resident Evil Zero,RE1,RE3 and the Umbrella Story.

For The Wii The Graphics Look like a very Good Graphical display Of what The Wii can Handle.
There can be about 11 enimies on the screen on the one time with minimum slowdown of the Games Frame Rate. The Zombies and enimies Just look rather scary, especially if you were playing this on a dark night (Which I would Advise you to do so seeing as it's a Resident Evil game" The Backgrounds Respond Well To their Original Counterparts.The Count 

Most of You Know The whole Story of Resident Evil Now, Virus's,plagues you get the thing.
So The Whole Game Was actually meant to fill the gaps in between The First 3 RE games , Explain things a bit more clearly to people,You've got The Original Characters "Billy" "Rebecca" "Wesker "Jill" "Chris" and Carlos
Not Forgetting Ada and that bastard Nemesis.This Is Executed Really Well. I've always wanted to know things such as why Hunk never got on the Helicopter in Raccons Destruction.

The Music in This Game is pretty Poor in some places. They don't really feel much tense till You Get To The Resident Evil 3 part. Most Of The gun sounds travel through the wii remote and the zombie sounds sound just right. The Voice Acting has drasticly Changed. Remember "Maybe it's.... chris..."? Well the horrible Voice acting is gone and I'd have to say they've done quite a good job on the voice overs.

Final Verdict.
If gamespot's Rating Were Here I'd Give the Game A Nice 8.5 Seeing As It's Giant Bomb a cool 4/5 Seemed Right.
Like House of The Dead? After you're done with that house of the dead 2&3 pick this up or rent it!
Like Resident Evil? Then What are you doing without this?! Still Looking At Resident Evil 5's Media??Get this you fool!

Posted by Carlos

Nice review, I have to say it's a great game and fills up lots of gaps in the the story, good game for RE fans. :)

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