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This game is everything a rhythm game should be. 0

Simply put, this game was well worth the money. I think that as a DS game it does its job perfectly. It is short and sweet, and most importantly, its fun. The touch screen set up is simple to use and works great! (Most of the time) Once in a while, up strokes on the touch screen decide not to work for some reason. But after you get used to what it takes to make it work, this problem is pretty much eliminated. The only other problem with it is the learning curve. Now, I'm not saying you should be...

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There ain't no party like a Moai party 2

Rhythm games are great. At their best, they are able to take incredibly simple gameplay ideas and turn them into a fully realized game that's a ton of fun to play. And Rhythm Heaven is certainly one of the good ones. It takes the simplest rhythm ideas possible (ie, tap with the beat), and embeds them within a slew of crazily entertaining minigames. The result is an experience that is as fun as it is accessible, which is the truest mantra of any great rhythm game.At its core, Rhythm Heaven is kin...

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Excellent game with a hefty price tag 2

      This is an excellent game with tons of content, but it just might burn out a little quick for some. This is where the issue of price comes in. I personally love rhythm games and fell in love with this game, but sadly after beating it in a matter or about two hours, I was glad it was merely a rental.      The games are fun and the music is great, plug in your headphones and you can really be absorbed in the songs. The only problem I have is that the visuals can be misleading. For most games...

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Rhythm Heaven 0

Rhythm Heaven is the sequel to a Game Boy Advance game that only came out in the DS, which makes some amount of sense because it is a pretty weird series, although putting it onto a touch-based platform is a perfect fit which definitely justifies bringing this one over. It plays out as a series of mini games where the player taps, rubs, and flicks the screen to achieve objectives based on various rhythm-based skills, periodically reaching a checkpoint where they have to put several of the...

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Rhythm Heaven Review 0

Nintendo brings you another game which is built to utilize the touch screen of the DS. You will be going through levels of different rhythm themes and I can't stress enough how important staying on beat is. This is not a game for those who can't keep a beat.The graphics look hand drawn. It also leaves you wishing that maybe they put a little bit more into the game. It's not as crude as the Wario Ware levels, but its not that far off either. Some of the levels do look different which leads me to ...

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Long, Rambling Rhythm Heaven Review. This Game Rocks 0

Originally posted on my blog. I’ve always harbored this delusion belief that I would be pretty good at music if I ever picked up an instrument. I have no evidence to back this up. Back in the fifth grade when I played the recorder I wasn’t an instant pro and I didn’t pick up the drums in Rock Band without some struggles (I still can’t play expert). I just know two things that give me this notion: 1. I can keep a beat down fairly well and 2. Other people don’t seem to be able to. Logically, this ...

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This game should come with every new DS sold! 0

 The mechanics are simple. The graphics are simple. The music is simple. And this is simply one of the most fun games I've ever played. The fun comes from the combination of music, animation, and the rhythmic tapping, holding, and flicking of your stylus in time with the music. Rhythm Heaven presents a series of rhythm games to challenge you, and as you progress you'll unlock more rhythm games, so there's always that carrot dangling in front of you, pushing you to keep going. Even when you've m...

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