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Being the youngest member of the Chrom's Shepherds, Ricken is constantly looked down on as a child, which he hates. Although Ricken usually conveys a child-like personality, he cares very much in restoring his family's legacy and looks up to Chrom as an older brother. He also has a natural affinity to animals, and they tend to respond to him positively.


Ricken first joins Chrom's army when Maribelle was kidnapped by Gangrel. Though at first turned away by Chrom, Ricken ignores Chrom's commands and follows Chrom's army. He is then able to sneak behind enemy lines and prevent Maribelle's execution by Aversa by casting Wind. Because of Ricken's valor and bravery in rescuing Maribelle, Chrom gladly accepts Ricken into his army.



In their C support, Ricken thanks Henry for saving him in battle and thinks it's good to have the dark mage on their side. Henry notes that he wouldn't have been on their side if they hadn't killed Gangrel, but it would have been fun to fight the shepards. Ricken tells Henry that what he says could be misconstrued as treason, and that he prefers Henry as an ally. Henry says that he'll stay on their side...for now. In their B support, Ricken asks Henry if they fought anyone that he knew. Henry says that they have killed a few of them already. Vasto, Mustafa, and Campari were some. Ricken changes his mind because Henry's stories make them seem so normal rather than "faceless blobs with axes." Henry doesn't see the difference. In their A support, Ricken asks Henry if he resents them for killing his friends. Henry doesn't. Ricken then asks if Henry would similarly shrug it off if Ricken had been killed. Henry says that he would hunt down whoever did it and kill them. Ricken points out that what Henry says earlier contradicts his answer now, and Henry wonders what the difference was. Maybe it's because Henry considers Ricken a real friend?


In their C support, the two have some tea, and Maribelle thanks Ricken for saving her life from the Plegians. She mentions that since they are both nobility, she will gladly help him out. Then, Ricken informs her that his house is dead broke. Maribelle states that blood of nobility doesn't have to depend on finances. Ricken says he doesn't act as an aristocrat. She tells him that it doesn't matter because anyone who save a life has a noble character. In their B support, Maribelle examines Ricken's leg wound and scolds him for not taking care of it earlier. She threatens to have Chrom take him out of future combats. Ricken refuses to standby when his family and friends are in danger. With that in mind, Maribelle tells him not to overdo it. In their A support, Maribelle apologizes for her earlier threats. She mentions she has a new tea brand to share with him after the next battle. In their S support, Maribelle wants to help his family with their finances, but Ricken states that their reputation would still be sullied. Then, Ricken gives Maribelle a signet ring with his house crest on it, and Maribelle accepts eventually. Ricken, however, does not want her to accept it if she's only thinking of restoring his name. He wants her to accept if she loves him, and she does. While she is concerned with his family name, she's not the type to marry any man other than the one she loves. Ricken states that he had been in love with her since the moment they met.


In their C support, Chrom is seen scolding Ricken about something. Once he leaves, Nowi apologizes to Ricken for taking the blame when she accidentally set the tents on fire. She sleeps with her dragonstone (the object that caused the fires) because she can't sleep without it. Ricken then suggests that she try reading a book instead. In their B support, Nowi asks Ricken if he were still angry about the townspeople insulting Chrom. He isn't, but Nowi picks up on Ricken's admiration for Chrom and his wish to protect people. They agree to keep each other's secrets. In their A support, they are happy to have been to a wedding together because it was like a harvest festival. Nowi likes to be surrounded by people, so she fears being alone when they eventually have to go their separate ways. Ricken then offers to tour the world with her after the war's over. In their S support, Nowi wants to play a game, so Ricken suggests a guessing one. He wants Nowi to guess what he got for her in a bag he brought. It's Ricken's family crest and an heirloom. He wants Nowi to be his wife. Nowi protests that she'll live longer than he ever will, but Ricken is confident that she'll love him for as long as he's alive because he feels the same.

For child support conversations, they are generic and dependent on the child.

  • Brady - If he marries Maribelle
  • Gerome - If he marries Cherche
  • Yarne - If he marries Panne
  • Kjelle - If he marries Sully
  • Severa - If he marries Cordelia
  • Inigo - If he marries Olivia
  • Morgan - If he marries female Avatar
  • Noire - If he marries Tharja
  • Laurent - If he marries Miriel
  • Nah - If he marries Nowi
  • Owain - If he marries Lissa

Unit Data

Ricken's default class is a Mage. He has a preassigned skill called Magic +2.

Avalable Class Sets

  • Mage - Promotion to Sage or Dark Knight *
  • Cavalier - Promotion to Paladin or Great Knight
  • Archer - Promotion to Sniper or Bow Knight
  • Dread Fighter - Requires Dread Scroll

* indicate default class

Base Stats

  • HP: 20
  • Strength: 3
  • Magic: 8+2
  • Skill: 6
  • Speed: 5
  • Luck: 10
  • Defense: 6
  • Resistance: 3
  • Movement: 5
  • Weapon Grade: Tome - D

Growth Rates

  • HP: 85%
  • Strength: 20%
  • Magic: 55%
  • Skill: 50%
  • Speed: 50%
  • Luck: 65%
  • Defense: 35%
  • Resistance: 35%


To be filled later.


  • His Japanese voice actor is Yuki Masuda.
  • His English voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Ricken's name is of Germanic origin meaning "powerful."
  • His birthday is on May 23.

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