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Rico Muerte is a hitman who's done jobs for the Punchinello crime family. He got in some trouble in Chicago, in which Angelo Punchinello bailed him out. Rico has been called into town to oversee the V transaction, as a means of payback to Don Punchinello. He's paranoid, having rigged his hotel room door with a pump-action shotgun. He also has a sawed-off shotgun in his case, and carries with him a Cobray MAC-11/9(Incorrectly called Ingram in the game.). He is first seen in the hotel bar, conducting "business" with local hooker, Candy Dawn, telling her how he strangled two killers because they chose to solve their differences using a kung-fu videogame, instead of killing each other. Upon seeing Max, Rico immediately goes for his Ingram, and runs out of the bar, with his pants down.


The easiest way to kill Rico is to throw a molotov cocktail at the door he tries to escape through, and shoot him with a desert eagle while he gets burned. The molotov cocktail will also burn the thugs who'll try to enter through the door, thus killing multiple birds with a single stone. Killing Rico will earn you your first Ingram submachine gun.

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