Lame Hispanic Characters

This list is the companion peice to my Cool Hispanic Characters list. Now pretty much every hispanic character you can find in a videogame will be a painful caricature of a stereotype. If that was my only measuring standard they'd all end up here. No this list is for the ones who are nothing but stereotypes, with little or no substantive personality, background, story development, or character growth. If they're minor background characters, ingloriously killed off or humiliated in some way, or their in-game mechanics portray them to be unusually weaker than the other characters then they'll probably find their way onto this list too.

I am also considering adding hispanic characters who ARE cool badasses but upon further scrutiny, you see that they're not actually hispanic at all. This would include people like Luis from GTAIV: Ballad of Gay Tony, Blanka from Streetfighter, etc, etc. Which just goes to show that when you finally do convince game developers to give you a decent hispanic character there's a 50/50 chance they'll throw in a plot-twist ethnic swap when you ain't looking.

I'm not bitter.

Ok, i'm a little bitter.

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Posted by Ignor

Only Cormano is manly enough to wear a pink sombrero.
That makes him cooler than Carlos Oliveira and Christie Monteiro combined.

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You've never been to a Latin American country, have you? There are plenty of blonde Hispanics.

Posted by Valhallen

Blanka is not Charlie Nash in the games if that helps you sleep better OP. Good list, it was a lot of fun!