Ultimate Badass - Unarmed Combat

Any punk ass jabroni can pick up a gun and be a badass. Any blonde spiky-haired emo bitch can kill a dragon with a sword ten times his size. But it takes a truly epic kind of badass to go after that same dragon with punches and kicks and acheive the same results as the guy who's totally overcompensating for something with that ginormous sword or huge gun.

Now i'm not gonna bother putting people from fighting games up here...i'd die of old age without even getting a tenth of the way through the list. Unless it's a character from a fighting game where most of the other characters use a weapon of some sort except for one who relies on fisticuffs.

If a character can be customized so that they can rely predominantly on Unarmed Combat(like the protagonists of the Fallout games), I may also include them here. I'll also allow an exception for character who use weapons designed to enhance unarmed combat techniques like Khatar Punch Daggers, and characters with superpowers ONLY if those powers are primarily physical in nature(like super strength, or shapeshifting). So Alex Mercer is in, but Cole MacGrath is not.

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