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Sabin in Final Fantasy VI Advance

Sabin Rene Figaro is one of the many playable characters in Final Fantasy VI. He is the brother of Edgar Roni Figaro, who is king of Figaro. Sabin's class is that of Monk, as he studied under the master Duncan for many years. His special ability is Blitz. Blitzes can be collected and added to a list of Blitzes (which are certain button combinations that, when entered in correctly, triggers a move). He can learn various Blitzes by leveling up, but his best and final Blitz can be learned from his master Duncan.



Sabin and his brother Edgar were both born princes to the throne of Figaro. Their parents were Stewart Remy Figaro and an orphan named Crystale, who died in childbirth. When Sabin was only three, he was attacked by a monster known as a Nut-Eater, and thus developed a dislike for them that would stick with him for the rest of his life. When he was eight, a genetic illness developed in him. To combat this weakness, Sabin began training physically, but he stayed sick until the age of fourteen, when he completed a rite of passage with his brother Edgar. At the age of seventeen, the Empire poisoned and killed his father; his last wish being that both of his sons could rule the kingdom together.

Sabin, however, is upset at how nobody is upset at the fact that his father was murdered, but rather concerned about who will become king next. He urges Edgar to run away with him. Despite wanting to leave with his brother, Edgar wanted to go with his father's wishes. He proposed a coin toss; whoever lost would get the "honor" of being king, and whoever won would be able to leave. He used a double-sided coin, however, and assigned Sabin the winning side. Sabin later reveals that he didn't want to leave his brother, but knew that his brother could take care of Figaro well.


Sabin then went to train under the martial arts teacher, the world renowned Duncan. He trained under Duncan for a long time, becoming Duncan's most skilled student, even better than Duncan's son, Vargas. Vargas became jealous, thinking that Duncan might make Sabin the next master. Sabin knew that Vargas would be made the next master, though, as he was Duncan's only son. Vargas would not be wavered, though, and after killing Duncan, hid in Mt. Koltz. Sabin chased after him, and this is where he meets up with the party in the game.

After an emotional reunion with Edgar, Sabin is introduced to Terra Branford and Locke Cole. They all team up and head to the Returner's headquarters. When they decided to go to Narshe, Sabin gets separated from the group. He ends up at a house, and meets Shadow, a mercenary. The two travel to Doma and rescue Cyan Garamonde from an Imperial attack. Cyan is the only survivor of the poisoning of Doma's water supply, and because of this is very bitter over what happened.

He joins the two, and they make their way through the Phantom Forest and back to Narshe where the rest of the group is. Later, in the World of Ruin, Sabin has made his way to the city of Tzen, where he made it to just in time to save a child from a collapsing building. Celes Chere helps rescue the child, and then joins Sabin.

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