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In the Opera House
In the Opera House
Ultros is a massive purple octopus who appears periodically throughout Final Fantasy VI attempting to end the lives of the game's heroes. His presence is mostly for comedic relief. In the game, he makes a total of five appearances, four in the World of Balance, and a final battle near the end of the game. In this final battle, Ultros brings his friend Typhon with him. Once you have defeated him for the last time, Ultros begins working as the receptionist at the Dragon's Neck Colloseum in order to pay off a large debt to the coliseum. His friend Typhos also gets a job at the Colloseum, battling you whenever you offer useless items.
Ultros' popularity likely is a result of his comedic dialogue in each encounter, such as "Seafood Soup!" and his many attempts to makea  meal out of the game's characters, especially Terra.

Ultros, along with a few other characters from Final Fantasy VI, made an appearance as option bosses in the GBA game Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. He also makes an appearance in Final Fantasy XII (under his Japanese name, Orthros) as a special mark who has a tendency to attack females. A flan enemy named Orthros also appears in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Though Ultros was renamed in so many games, and the translation was tweaked in many ways, he kept the original name Ultros in Final Fantasy VI Advance.

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