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Lisa's Persona is Eros (エロース) Lovers Arcana
Lisa's Persona is Eros (エロース) Lovers Arcana

Lisa Silverman is a playable character in Persona 2: Innocent Sin and is one of Tatsuya's love interests. She is the daughter of Steven Silverman (a parody of Steven Seagal), an American that fell so in love with Japan and its culture that he became a Japanese citizen. To Lisa's dismay, her father desires her to become a "proper Japanese woman."

Like Chie Satonaka of Persona 4, Lisa is a big fan of Bruce Lee and martial arts, and fights with gloves and fists. Having grown up in Japan, she cannot speak English, although there is a common misconception that she can. She can speak Cantonese (a southern Chinese dialect) and frequently mixes Cantonese phrases into her dialogue. She is nicknamed "Ginko" as an insult by Eikichi Mishina.

Lisa is highly popular among the girls of Seven Sisters High School. Despite many guys asking her out, she only has eyes for Tatsuya Suou, having a longstanding crush on him. She was also a top candidate for the "Miss Sevens" contest; a popularity contest that has elements of a beauty pageant.

Lisa, along with her two best friends Asacchi and Meepo, were selected to be in a idol group known as MUSES, which was started because of a rumor. The song that MUSES sings, with Lisa as lead vocalist and band leader, is called "JOKER", which encourages people to summon Joker to solve all their problems. During the song, she recites a piece from the Oracle of Maiya, the "song of a foreign land" portion being fulfilled by Lisa (technically a foreigner) becoming an idol and singing at a highly publicized live concert.

In the English version of Innocent Sin, she is voiced by Stephanie Sheh. She is voiced in the Japanese version by Hiroko Konishi.

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