Damn Mad: A Palindromes List

We all knew this was coming. After anagrams and acrostics, there was but one place left to go. So now I introduce you all to experiment #3: video game-inspired palindromes.

I'm not sure if any of y'all know this, but palindromes are really hard. All I could come up with is this one, from the thoughts of an unsure Goomba: "Mario! Do I ram?". Yeah. So instead, I've taken the lyrics of Weird Al Yankovic's excellent palindrome-heavy "Bob" and attached game related meanings to each line in the song. Cop-out! Let's do this! A butt tuba!

List items

Posted by takashichea

No lemons, no melon

Perfect way to sum up Yoshi's Story!

Let's see for Kirby Air Ride.

"On Race Car? No."

Yeah, that's all I got. Thanks to my little sis for the idea.

Posted by Penelope

This is Weird Al.

Cute though.

Posted by Mento

Does... does no-one read the descriptions to these things? But I put so much effort into them. More than the lists themselves, some might say.