Hero Academy from Robot Entertainment (formerly Ensemble) on IOS.

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This is a call for people to get this game so I have someone to play with. It's awesome. It's also free.

Hero Academy is a turn based strategy game along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics where two teams take turns (alliteration) trying to destroy the opposing teams crystals. There's four teams right now, Council (humans), Dark Elves, Dwarves and The Tribe (orcs) The council comes free when you download the game and each new team is $1.99 which is worth it in my opinion, each team has different units and different items and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. It's asynchronous multiplayer like words with friends so you don't have to sit down and finish a game in one sitting.

It's from Robot entertainment, the dev made up of former Ensemble guys who also made Orcs Must Die. Right now I'm just playing with a dude from Joystiq and he's consistently kicking my ass. I need more people to play with who I'm sure will also kick my ass. My name is 'audiosnag' if you get it. Add me!


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