High time for a sequel

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I remember the voice like it was yesterday: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Rocket War!!!
Rocket Jockey was totally awesome and surprisingly unique, and it cold sucks that in twelve years, it's done nothing but gather dust. Does anyone else want to see a sequel, or am I crazy?
Hell, make it on the cheap and do it on XBLA or PSN. It's not the graphics we're looking for, it's the ability to chain dudes to high explosives with a rapidly retracting cable.
Who's with me?

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it reminds me of twisted metal..  
I like it. sadly i have never played it :( 

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I was just thinking about this game and I was a bit surprised to find forum topics on it. I didn't think it was ever all that popular. I would love to see a downloadable sequel. I remember the game mechanics being great in theory, but the rockets never seemed that fun to control, but I can see the game working better with a dual-analog gamepad. Still, despite the control, I sunk a lot of hours into the game. Good times.

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I'm so happy to see that there was a forum post on exactly what I was thinking... something reminded me of this game today, and all of the sudden I remembered how much fun this game was.  I could barely run it on my PC back then, but the gameplay mechanics were truly unique, and there was some amazing potential for multiplayer modes.  I could totally see this on XBLA, and it would be so easy to map the controls, using the triggers to launch the cables from either side.
Looks like the Wikipedia entry for this game gives some good detail into the many attempts that have been made to update this game, none successful.  With all of the good ideas and updated downloadable games for consoles, I think someone could make some real money off of this.
Man, this game is almost 15 years old... I am an old-ass man.

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