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Grab your toga, because this war has gone Roman. 0

Screams of soldiers' broken spirits whittle the battlefield… arrows pierce through the skies above and hitting with deadly accuracy. Cavalry ploughs through your broken lines of soldiers. This is Total War and it's never been so much fun. Creative Assembly is back with another Total War game that focuses on the trails and tribulations of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and this game is perhaps their best effort yet. Rome: Total War is split into two main gameplay components. A campaign ...

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen... 1

I have to admit, I have held no great affection for the Shogun series. I went out and bought the Warlord Edition of Shogun, and it was so tedious and badly done that I refused to even install the demo of Medieval. But when I found a disc with the single-player demo of Rome, I installed it just because I'd heard rumours of flaming pigs. I went out and got the full version very soon afterwards. My usual strategy diet is the likes of the C&C series, Dawn of War and other such games. In other w...

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The Glory Of Rome! 0

 The Total War series is known for oustanding quality. And this game stands above the rest.  GOOD:  . Real time battles are fun and really make you think. . Amazing sound design, from the small things like the sound of footsteps of your infantry to the amazing soundtrack by Jeff Van Dyck. . Graphics are great for time . Easy to learn battle system, and very deep to master. . Online battles are a superb addition. . Deep Campaign . Historical battles  BAD: . Sever interface for online battles was ...

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Rome Total War PC Review 0

In game Rome: Total War you'll play as 3 Roman families which are supposed to expand its borders and make it a glorious empire. As you'll play you'll receive mission from the senate in Rome to take over cities, blockade a port, or reason with another faction to do something. You will have allies with you in the game which are SPQR (the senate), and the other families which are the Brutii, the Scipii, and the Juilii families. But later in the game they will turn against you in a civil war to domi...

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