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The Ronin are a Japanese based gang in Stilwater, that was founded from the remnants of the Westside Rollerz. The gang is headed by Shogo Akuji, the son of Kazuo Akuji. Kazuo is a much more experienced gang leader, and heads an unnamed Yakuza syndicate operating in Japan. Shogo is struggling to cope with gang life, and he lacks the knowledge to expand the Ronin as a group. The Ronin are a very stylish gang, and wear the color yellow.


Below is a list of vehicles used by the Ronin. Italics are used to display unique vehicles, or vehicles used only by gang leaders.

The Ronin vehicles are generally quite average, although their bikes are generally high performance vehicles. The Wakazashi cars they travel in become very rare when the gang is wiped out, although you get special editions of the cars from completing the gang strand. The Ronin are a well organised group, though they lack the weaponry to be a true threat. They mainly use the TEK-9 SMGs, the NR4, the Vice 9, and occasionally their Katanas

Downloadable Content

The Ronin do not feature in any downloadable mission content for the game, though they do appear in a Gamerpic pack, as their logo is one of images in the pack. The Gamerpic is shown on the right.

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