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2.83 stars 2.83/5 Stars Average score of 12 user reviews spread across 2 releases and 0 DLC

A good gateway MMO, and generally enjoyable 0

Runescape is a much-played but not so well-known online  MMORPG that launched in 2001. Since that time, it has gone through major graphical and gameplay changes, and its current form is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was a few years ago. The gameplay is skill-based, and there are a plethora of skills. They are essentially divided into 3 categories, with some overlap in between. Attacking skills increase your proficiency in combat, improving the armor/weapons you can wield, opening up ...

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role play in the mystical world full of idiots, bots, and n00bs 3

this game is taken for "the worst game ever" or "It sucks!" or some crap like that, really it is not a bad game. you just need to know what to do, and if the game is sooo bad, then why is their 45000 players on all the time? the game is extreamly addictive. THE GAME DOES NOT SUCK!   you just need to get the hang of it. it is quite easy... yet you will find yourself taking a years worth or 6 mounths worth of a break. if you think the game is impossible and you can't do anything right, don't worry...

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Don't expect amazing graphics and you'll be fine! 0

As I sit here and read the bad reviews for this game, I see a trend that is happening here. The reviewer usually states that "I have played this game for (2,3,4 or 5 years) and I am bored, its boring" When I see this I cringe, they have played the game for years and have only just realised its boring? there must have been something fun, otherwise you would not have played the game for so long.  The graphics are expected and decent due to the fact that it is A. Free (Yes you CAN pay for extra stu...

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Not fun, nor rewarding. 2

I played this game for two years.Two... years...And what experiences did I leave with? Nothing. I can't remember a single 'fun experience', it was just a constant grind fest. Like a boring job, but instead of getting money, you get a +1 next to your Coal ore, or Fish, or Combat level. WHAT IS THE POINT IN THAT. I mean sure you could say the same thing about any other MMORPG, but at least you have fun while doing it! This is just a constant grind! The only thing Runescape has done well, is that i...

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An average mmo not too bad but still not the best 2

I'm not the best at putting things together so I'll just do my Likes, Dislikes, To be desired or improved.Likes:First of all you can play for free.Even if your not a member the world is still kinda bigThere are many quests and achievementsYou can talk with your friends that you already know, or make some new ones (sorta like a penpal or something)It's graphics just got updated so it looks a lot better than it used to (update happened july 14th).And you dont have to grind at an early level.Dislik...

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Who wants to be a pinty eared elf anyway? 1

Runescape is an online game where you make up your own character with a deformed body, and use him/her to defeat annoyingly similar enemys and other people online.Runescape starts when you log on and make up your username etc, you then make your way through a painfully long tutorial which will be longer than the amount of time the game occupies you. The combat is rubbish as all you ever do is press the button that that you use to attack because there is only one attack button!In runescape you co...

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Not a bad game, just no point in playing it 0

This game is very addicting, especially after you have invested hours of your time doing nothing but grinding away. If you want to stand a chance in the wilderness or PvP, you must grind for months to reach high combat levels and earn enough money to buy decent equipment. It can be fun, and you can waste away hours on this game, but ultimately its not something you want to get into long-term. I applaud the developers for making such an expansive and colorful world and then displaying it inside y...

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Huge updates, Small changes... 0

I played Runescape a few years ago when the graphics on the high settings were the same as the low settings today. Now, having played Runescape again, it was a big disappointment that after all these years and the numerous updates, the game hasn't changed much in terms of gameplay.  They made more animations to some cutscenes and included more sound effects, but the core gameplay is the same, chopping trees, fishing, cooking, fighting and everything else that can earn you money. In fact, even th...

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Runescape review 0

I have been playing runescape for some time now, and i still don't get bored of it. It is one of the worlds most played RPG games and has exceeded in making money. You can do many exciting and challenging tasks or work on gaining higher levels in the different skills available.   If boredom is taking over i would recommend playing runescape. :)...

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Not All That Bad 0

I started playing Runescape by in 2004 with a few friends.  I'm not really good at writing up things so I will just bullet point the main things I like and dislike.  Likes Can be very fun with friends.  My advice with anyone kind of starting out to play Runescape is get a friend to start with you or have a friend that already plays, it's helpful, trust me. Quests are somewhat interesting and can be fun. Takes a very long time to max out a skill, which I actually like but I know a lot of people ...

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Kinda dull 0

NOTE: This review will take into account the updates done to the game over the years including such examples as the Wilderness anti-RWT update, graphical changes and the new skills/quests released.  Runescape is a game which I had played on and off for several years. At one point, I really enjoyed the game world and how immersive parts of it were, and how good MMORPGs like this are to play with any other friends who are interested in it. On the other hand, having come back to it again and again,...

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Runescape... the 3

well all i can say is that yes i play it. my account is x3dxfuryx. but anyway... its in my opinion good yet very dangerous. ur probably thinking wtf. welll wat kan i say im sayin pure truth. anyway. u start playing and think omg i hav to do this boring tutorial.. yes ok. then u get out of tutorial and plkay this online world with millions of people doing there own things. at first its quite boring becaus u no ur a low level 3 standing around trying to get levels up... at this point its not dange...

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