Ryan Davis was my friend and I will miss him

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Posted by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

I don't know that I have anything to actually say today. I just need to type something so I can not think about it too much.

I never met Ryan Davis. I never shook his hand or gave him a hug. I never spent a day playing video games at his house or making jokes with him. I never even corresponded with him via email. But Ryan Davis was my friend... and I will miss him.

I work a job, like many of you I'm sure, that is not fun. It pays well, the hours suck and it offers no room to be creative. For 2 or 3 hours a week though, I get to listen to duders talk about the hobby I indulge in the second I get home. Now, that conversation will be missing a key voice, the anchor, the ersatz leader, if only because he introduced the show and kept it on track week in and week out. Ryan Davis was my friend and I will miss him.

I have been to every gaming site I know and seen that the whole gaming community knew Ryan and loved him deeply. If you haven't read it, Greg Miller at IGN posted one that shows Ryan's influence went far beyond the games journalist world. Anyone who knows the Harmonix community knows how many times Ryan turned up to judge Rock Band nights at PAX East. Ryan was a friend. We'll all miss him.

My condolences and sympathies go to his co-workers, his friends, his family, his tragically short lived wife, who is now a widow who must go on without him and anyone who knew him or met him or wanted to. It's just a post on a gaming website, a blog that will be forgotten in a day, maybe a week if I'm lucky, but it's one of the most difficult things I've ever had to write. It's said that no one truly dies until they are forgotten. Never forget Ryan Davis, because China don't care. Because he tried breast milk live on stage. Because a bat beats a knife. Because he was our friend and we miss him.

Rest in peace, Ryan.

In Memorium, Ryan Davis, 1979-2013

#1 Edited by Anund (1036 posts) -

This summarizes exactly how I feel. Well said. I never met the man, but he was my friend and I will miss him as one.

#2 Edited by TJUK (115 posts) -

Thanks for this. I feel the same way. The whole Giant Bomb crew are my friends in a way that's only possible in this crazy Internet enabled world we now live in. Video games are an important part of me and that's something most of the people I know in real life will never understand. But the Giant Bomb crew understand.

Ryan Davis understood.

#3 Posted by wchigo (603 posts) -

Let me say as someone currently living in China... can't speak for everyone but screw it, China Does Care.

#4 Edited by Willza92 (289 posts) -

Beautiful, yeah you pretty much took the words from my fingertips, beat for beat. Thanks duder.

#5 Posted by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

@wchigo said:

Let me say as someone currently living in China... can't speak for everyone but screw it, China Does Care.

Thanks. That made me smile... perhaps "China do care" should be a shirt just for you, duder.

#6 Posted by YI_Orange (1223 posts) -

Anyone who got the opportunity to actually meet him should consider themselves lucky.

#7 Posted by AllieMoonSailor (10 posts) -

Ryan was awesome, it saddens me deeply of his passing because of how friendly and funny a person he was, he will be missed. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

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You summed up my feelings exactly my friend. We're all going to miss him terribly. At least now Will Smith is able to pronounce 'executable' as weirdly as he likes.

#10 Edited by RVonE (4796 posts) -

Yes, he was our friend. Well said.

#11 Posted by Bollard (6531 posts) -

@wchigo said:

Let me say as someone currently living in China... can't speak for everyone but screw it, China Does Care.

I like this post.

#12 Posted by BonOrbitz (2405 posts) -

One of the difficulties I'm struggling with here is why and how can I feel so sad for the death of a person I've never met? I always looked as the Giant Bomb guys as my "friends," but then feel a little... I dunno. Embarrassed, or pathetic inside because they aren't reciprocating any thoughts or feelings back at me. I can't articulate it well right now, but I always wondered how and why I can feel so connected to a bunch of guys that never met me? I guess that happens after spending so much time with them throughout the years via audio and video.

Anyway, I have a fun little Ryan story. A few years ago I emailed the bombcast asking if I could get one of the versions (season two?) of the bombcast theme because they changed it to something else. My fiance and I would pick up our cat, Plump Etta, and dance to the version I was looking for every time it came on the bombcast.

Ryan wrote me back saying that my story melted his icy heart and he sent me all of the versions because I wasn't entirely sure which one I was looking for.

After working in a professional setting for 21 years, I've cried at my desk for the first time today.

#13 Posted by Homer39 (160 posts) -

I was just thinking of writing something like this but you probably said it better than I ever could.

#14 Edited by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

@gatehouse: @willza92: @anund: Thanks guys. Nice to know it's not just me who feels this way. I can't imagine facing the Bombcast this week without him and I doubt they'll put up a full length one, if at all. I wouldn't blame them.

#15 Edited by PollySMPS (251 posts) -

I feel the exact same way. When someone is so embedded in your weekly rituals for as many years as Ryan Davis has been for many of us, how do you not feel SOME kind of connection and genuine feelings for the man. So, today I can't help but be saddened, and even admit to the tears shed for a man who, during some of my worst times, never failed to make me smile with his beautiful enthusiasm for every damn thing he talked about.

It's that laugh. That infectious, unforgettable, genuine laugh that I'm gonna miss the most. It almost makes one jealous of how damn much that man enjoyed everything.

#16 Posted by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

@bonorbitz: I understand what you mean. Don't feel embarrassed or ashamed. We're all dealing with it today, this week and for the rest of the time we'll spend at this site or gaming at all. Friendship comes in all sorts, sometimes it's just knowing that a sense of humor meshes well together or that you have interests in common. I have the feeling that I could spend a day with any of the Bombers and never feel awkward or out of place. Whether you met him or not, Ryan was a part of our lives and he made us smile.

#17 Posted by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

@phoenix654 said:

@gatehouse: @willza92: @anund: Thanks guys. Nice to know it's not just me who feels this way. I can't imagine facing the Bombcast this week without him and I doubt they'll put up a full length one, if at all. I wouldn't blame them.

@homer39: You too. See above.

#18 Posted by RawknRo11a (555 posts) -

@phoenix654: you expressed exactly what I (and I'm sure countless others on this site) am feeling after hearing this news. Ryan (and the rest of the crew) actually helped renew my interest in video games and for the past 6 or so years I knew every Tuesday my spirits would be lifteed with another Bombcast.

I'm still trying to process this because yes, I've never met the man but damn, it really felt like I knew him...

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His poor wife...

I'll miss him. RIP duder...

#20 Posted by SSully (4729 posts) -

This hit the nail on the head. As others have expressed, it's odd to feel this way about someone I never met, but this is why. We listen/watch/read from these guys week in and week out. We may not know them, but they are slotted in our lives in a similar place as our actual friends. Ryan was a friend, and he will be missed.

#21 Posted by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

Just saw this post on the official thread and it's a perfect summation of what I spent 20 tear streaked minutes writing...

@daiphyer: I miss Ryan. He was the closest friend I never met.

#22 Posted by The_Boots (102 posts) -

Yeah. I haven't cried this much over someone I've never met since Mr. Rogers died.

#23 Posted by Nzwei (82 posts) -

I think if any one ever asks me what person would you have liked to meet in your life it will be Ryan Davis. This death saddens me so much... You said what I think man. Thank you for this blog post.

#24 Posted by XplusY (76 posts) -

Yeah, I lost one of my best friends in high school a few months ago (he was 33). I am surprised how close this feels to that.

#25 Posted by Fierrze (186 posts) -

Thank you for putting my thoughts to words perfectly duder.

You will be missed Ryan Davis.

#26 Posted by Smuglittleman (72 posts) -

Thanks for this. When I first heard the sad news I was kind of shocked that I felt so strongly about the passing of someone I have never met. It is nice to know that I am not alone.

#27 Posted by nate6858 (183 posts) -

Thanks for this.

#28 Edited by hwy_61 (1034 posts) -

I too have felt that I've lost a friend. Even though I've never met Ryan, I felt genuine sadness and even cried when I finally processed the news. I'll miss you, Ryan Davis. RIP, brother.

#29 Posted by vorpalparasite (340 posts) -

Well said, Sir. His memory will live on in all of us.

#30 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

It's weird that a person I've never met and only interacted with once or twice can have such an important impact on my life that I can not stop thinking about his passing and actually shed tears when I heard the news. Seeing other people with similar reactions as mine just shows how important he was to so many people, even if he never knew it.

#31 Posted by EternalVigil (317 posts) -

I think you've perfectly encapsulated all our feelings about this at this tragic time.

Thank you sir.

#32 Posted by TheSoldier89 (16 posts) -

Well said thank you for this.

#33 Edited by wolf_blitzer85 (5290 posts) -

I just got home from work to see this. I'm at a loss for words right now. After listening to this dude for so long, yeah It feels like a big part of me is gone too.

I wish I could hug everyone right now.

#34 Edited by MrWiggles (50 posts) -

This is exactly how I feel. I felt closer to Ryan than most people I know. What makes it especially hard is the timing. I'd be satisfied to be a Tenth of a man he was.

#35 Posted by HBK619 (167 posts) -

All these words are what I want to type but can't through the tears. Thank you for this, thank you Ryan for being awesome and allowing us to have such feels. But fuck does it hurt my heart to say goodbye. :(

#36 Posted by Asmo917 (501 posts) -
#37 Posted by ThePickle (4272 posts) -

I was 3,000 miles away from Ryan Davis and I connected more with him that I do with people who share my zip code.

I was born in 1995, so I haven't experience many celebrity deaths. This is the first one to really cut to me.

#38 Edited by kagato (1078 posts) -

I saw someone say it on another thread earlier but truely today our community came together as a family. We all loved Ryan, as we do the other guys who work at Giantbomb and Comicvine, and everytime i think ive gotten ahold of myself i read another thread like this and its all i can do to not burst into tears. He was a damn hero to many, a friend to many more and someone who could make you laugh and inform you at the same time. I dont know how we will get through without him, only that we will and of course, we will never forget him but one day we will stop moarning him and start celebrating him. I wish that day was now, it hurts more than i ever imagined it would.

#39 Edited by McGhee (6128 posts) -

This is what I was thinking. This is the worst I've ever felt about someone dying that I have never met. The only two others were Steve Irwin (my childhood hero) and Robert Jordan (world's greatest fantasy writer).

Ryan was like one of the dads of this big internet family we have here. And I consider a lot of you duders my internet brothers/sisters.

I don't know if the Giant Bomb crew realizes it or not, but what they do means the world to many of us. It's more than just entertainment.

I think I'll write a blog about this later.

#40 Posted by Veektarius (5424 posts) -

Yeah, spot on.

#41 Posted by CoinMatze (518 posts) -

Ryan was super important to my life, even though I never met the dude. I watch videos with him in them every day and they make my life so much easier you don't even know, but it hurts so much right now. I don't know what to do now. There was no contingency plan.

#42 Edited by Monopolized (554 posts) -

Great Post, I'm stting here at work watery eye'd while everyone asks what's wrong.. I tell them..and they give me a weird look saying "you never met him and he didn't even know who you were" ..fuck those people. Ryan Davis was my friend and I miss him.

#43 Edited by mra138 (81 posts) -

Famous people pass all the time and i usually think to myself "man that really sucks". But this hurts. I can see you all feel the same. Just goes to show you how much of an impact a good person can make. Goodbye Ryan Davis.

#44 Posted by HulkHanson (74 posts) -

You said it perfectly, duder. Pouring one out from Northern Ireland.

#45 Edited by Phoenix654 (293 posts) -

Thanks to everyone who commented on or simply read this. It has helped me deal with this more than you can imagine. I have a long ass Monday to get through at work and I feel a bit better now than I did when I wrote the original post. All the very best to all of you, duders (And... duderettes? Duderinas? Is duder a uni-sex word? I can't remember.).

#46 Edited by AxleBro (802 posts) -

well said, this is exactly how i feel.

#47 Posted by WayByWind (2 posts) -

You've summed up what I had to say. Ryan Davis was on the list of people I would one day meet and shake the hand of.

#48 Posted by morrelloman (635 posts) -

Nice post friend. You really summed up the way a lot of us our feeling today.

#49 Posted by MrSlapHappy (213 posts) -

Thanks for this. RIP Ryan

#50 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6349 posts) -

I will never forget Ryan Davis.

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