Picked up the 360 version tonight

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Game seems pretty cool so far.  I got the first Sacred on PC, but never really got into it.  Frankly I'm not a huge fan of just straight out hack and slashes but I caved in and picked this one up.

The game world is absolutely massive, the entire game is played from a mostly top-down viewpoint, so it's hard for me to say how big it is, but the game world seems like it would take about 50 times as long to cross as the Morrowind, Oblivion, or Fallout 3 game worlds, at least without a mount.  The game world is pretty well done, it's not just repetitive cookie cutter environments, I've seen a lot of variety already.

Gameplay is pretty standard hack and slash fare, you kill enemies rather quickly, you pick up items, you gain skills, all of that stuff.  The game plops you in the middle of the game world and is extremely non linear.  I just decided to check out a cave and wander a few miles to the west before even following the main quest at all.  Actual combat is a little bit clunky, I'm not sure if it's because I'm not allowed to attack very quickly (probably is a RPG stat thing) but the combat isn't as immediate as something like Diablo or really many other games in this genre.  After wandering around for 2 hours with no goal I did get a bit bored too, but I never got past the 2nd chapter of Diablo 2, so maybe you can judge my patience for this kind of gameplay.

Graphics are pretty good, better than what I expected out of previews, reviews and most other gamers.  Won't even come close to holding up to something like Resident Evil 5, but it looks better than a generic launch 360 game for damn sure.  Framerate wasn't too bad.  Everything has nice shadows and there are some other decent effects going on.  Nice grass and small environment details, character and enemy models don't seem real great though.  The developers said the game rendered at 1080p natively, and I have my 360 set to 1080i, everything looks very sharp and clear.

I'm still interested in exploring more of the game world, you can go in buildings and talk to most good NPCs, there's tons of quest but nothing really brilliant.  I enjoy getting new stronger items, but I haven't really gotten hooked yet.  The game also has at least one song written by Blind Guardian, I love their music.

Overall I'd recommend the game to hack and slash fans for sure.  If you're looking for an epic open world RPG you might want to think about it as well.  If you were one of those people temped into buying Two Worlds, this game is MUCH better.  They probably shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentance, Sacred 2 is in a different class of game, but the kind of people who wanted Two Worlds will LOVE this game I think.

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The further i get, the more im digging this game.. Im level 14 right now, hear it gets better too.

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Played some more tonight and getting more into it.  I tried out some of the different classes and found that the evil high elf is most fun to me so far.  She has a lot of AoE spells, which are very good for masses of enemies, and more fun than the melee.  I was able to get to a point in 1/3 of the time of my first character.

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Been thinking about pikcing this up when it's released in the UK, mainly for the offline co-op with a friend, but I've heard some bad things about it.  How does the camera system work while with two people offline, can you actually still control it, or are you both boxed in to a very small space?  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any videos or anything demonstrating things like this..

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I just got this the other day. It seems cool so far.

I just had some questions when it comes to inventory. How does the "compare" function work. I don't think it compares the item on screen against what you are wearing.

How does the encumberance system work?

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I saw this the other day up at Games 'n' Things, and it was only $35.  I was thinking about getting it, but I never played the first one at all.  I'm not going to lie:  I was thinking "I'm sure it's a good game, but I wonder what the achievements are like on it".  LOL  Nonetheless, I heard nothing but high praise for the first game, and I've seriously been considering picking this up...but I rarely seem to dump a whole shitload of time into many games nowadays before I move on to another one.

I might have to take up that $35 offer.  =  D

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