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I've been looking for. . . strong men like yourselves.

Safana is a recruitable Thief in Baldur's Gate. She is located in one of the wilderness areas south of Candlekeep, and asks the party to come with her to find a pirate captain's treasure in a cave. She will only address the men in the party, and if she is refused, she will insult their manhood. She relies heavily on her feminine wiles, and has a charm spell as a special ability She will have an extensive battle of flirtatious wits with Coran if they are in a party together, but will specifically mourn him if he dies, and claim she didn't mean any of the silly things she said to put him off.

In addition to her sultry and flirtatious behaviour, Safana can be characterized as a trickster and a money grabber. She'll do anything to get 'the treasure', and rejoices in deceiving the gullible.

She is briefly mentioned in Baldur's Gate II, in the forest of Tethyr, along with Coran. She tries to betray the player character to a pack of werewolves, but ends up being killed by the leader of the pack when her ruse fails.

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