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Sara Trantoul is the betrothed of Leon Belmont, the protagonist of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Prior to the game's start, Sara was kidnapped by Walter Bernhard, a vampire that lives in a castle shrouded in eternal night. Leon's friend Mathias Cronqvist informs him of the deed, and Leon rushes off to rescue her, forsaking his nobility and rank as a Knight-Templar when the Church refuses to help.

As Walter's captive, Sara is made a pawn in a game that the vampire has played before; holding a maiden captive so that her beloved may come to her rescue. Leon manages to pass the challenges laid before him, and as a reward, Sara is freed to leave with him. However, this freedom was a trick in itself, as Walter had previously infected Sara with vampirism. The curse began taking hold of her as she and Leon reached Rinaldo Gandolfi's cabin on the outskirts of the castle grounds, at which point Leon learned an unfortunate truth; Walter's game wasn't over.

In order to grant the alchemical whip that Rinaldo had given him at the start of his quest the power to destroy Walter, Leon was required to use the whip to strike down his infected betrothed. Although Leon was hesitant and unwilling to go through with the task, Sara knew what needed to be done, and bade Leon to do it. Thus, Leon used the whip to end Sara's life before she became a vampire, unlocking its full potential as the Vampire Killer.

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