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Sea Life Safari is a game that takes place in 5 different underwater locations: Coral Reef, Ship Graveyard, Deep Sea, The Abyss, and Volcano. Throughout these locations you take different photographs of underwater creatures.  The onscreen display while playing has a wide rectangular box which limits the size of the photos. To capture better photos you have zoom-in feature and also gizmos. These "gizmos" are just random objects that you throw out to show different reactions from fish. The gizmos also vary with which level you are in. After the dive and taking 24 photos you surface back up to the boat where you will meet the professor. The professor reviews your photos in 4 different areas: how well the photo is centered, how close the sea-life is in the photo, how well the sea-life is facing the camera, and how much action the sea-life is showing. Throughout the game there are hidden collectables such as 10 golden seashells in each level. These lead to different creatures and better photos. There is also a photo log for you to browse through all the photographs taken earlier. 

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