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Sector X is an area of space where dust and debris has collected in the shape of the letter X. It first appeared in Star Fox for the SNES. In Star Fox 64, it can be found on the easy route as a stage where the Star Fox Team investigate a secret weapon. The base where this weapon is located has been ripped apart so most of the stage is navigating ruins and security systems that are still active. It splits in two paths after the checkpoint. One path goes along the outside of the base guarded by heavy automated defenses. The other path runs through the interior where a warp can be accessed if the player shoots open several gates and flies through them. At the end of the stage, the player goes up against the boss Spyborg, an out of control robot obsessed with finding its creator.
Defeating the Spyborg fast enough will take players to Macbeth. Taking too long will detour them to Titania after Slippy gets knocked away by the boss's second form. Using the warp will take players all the way to Sector Z on the other side of the map.
The player's guide fills in a lot of things at Sector X that are only hinted at in-game. It states that the research base at Sector X was destroyed by the Spyborg after its artificial intelligence malfunctioned and became uncontrollable. After it went on a rampage, robot drones and automated security systems took up position in the ruins to ambush anyone who came looking. It describes Sector X as an area with strange magnetic fields, and this could have played a factor in the Spyborg's malfunction.

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