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Sector Y is a mysterious nebula from Star Fox 64 defined by its oddly shaped space dust. Players can reach it by defeating the alternate boss on Corneria and taking the hard route. Here, the Star Fox Team has to save the forces of Corneria from a Venom fleet using mechanical suits. The stage involves going head on with battleships and shooting down as many enemies as they possibly can. Enemies in mech suits are exclusive to this stage and are more dangerous than average fighters. At a certain point, players can choose whether to take an upper flight path through warship wreckage or a lower path that pits them up against a squad of mechs. The boss of Sector Y, Shogun, is fought in full range mode (free flight) after defeating two decoy bosses and sports a more advanced mechanized battle suit.
Earning more than 100 points will save the Cornerian fleet and allow players to head to Aquas. Failing to do so means enough enemies got through to cripple the fleet, so players are forced to head to Katina to regroup.

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