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Participation in the Nonary Game

The strongman of the group, Seven is called upon for puzzles that require more brawn than brains. He seems especially concerned with the youngest member, Clover, but he has amnesia and does not remember why she is familiar.

Background (spoilers)

Seven is a detective who tracked down the location of the Cradle Pharma testing sites, to discover what was occuring to the missing children. He managed to stow away on the original ship Gigantic, and was instrumental in helping several of the children escape the final trap. He was stricken with the memory of not being able to save one of the girls, carrying the remorse and horrific image of her burnt body with him.

As Seven's memory returns, he reveals key background information about the original Nonary Game and its participants. He also provides insight about the metaphysical nature of the experiment, revealing a possible time/reality paradox.

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