Shadow Complex 2 "largely designed", partner needed to finish it.

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#1 Posted by Icemael (6857 posts) -

Speaking to Gamasutra, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski said the sequel to Chair's 2009 downloadable Xbox Live Arcade hit Shadow Complex is "largely designed," and Epic and Chair are looking for a partner to help finish it up. 
"Shadow Complex 2 is sitting there, it's actually largely designed, we just need to find a partner that will help us to finish it so we can bring it to market," Bleszinski said.

This is great news. Shadow Complex was one of my favourite 2009 releases, and I've been aching for a sequel ever since I played it.
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#2 Posted by ReyGitano (2491 posts) -

I can't imagine it's that hard to find someone who would want to publish the sequel to Shadow Complex; not much of a risk putting that game out.

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#3 Posted by spazmaster666 (2111 posts) -

Considering that Microsoft published the first Shadow Complex and Epic's close relationship to Microsoft, I can't imagine why they wouldn't publish the sequel . . . unless of course Epic is looking to release it on PS3 as well. I'm guessing the latter is probably the reason for his statement?

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#4 Posted by Landon (4137 posts) -

I'll be the partner, Mr. Bleszinski.

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#5 Posted by ez123 (2143 posts) -

Great news would be if it's mostly complete, not mostly designed. But it's something, I guess.

Also, does partner have to mean publisher? Maybe Chair are way too busy to make Shadow Complex 2 by themselves and they want another studio to help.

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#6 Posted by BeachThunder (14543 posts) -

I'll be your partner, but only if you release it on PC :o

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#7 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7925 posts) -

I have to wonder what a phrase like "largely designed" even means.

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#8 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Somebody get on that.

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#9 Posted by ajamafalous (13361 posts) -
@Sparky_Buzzsaw said:

I have to wonder what a phrase like "largely designed" even means.

"We've got these design docs here and mostly written, sir."
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#10 Posted by Djratchet (687 posts) -

If this new partner leads to a PS3 release, I'll be a happy camper.

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#11 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7925 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:

@Sparky_Buzzsaw said:

I have to wonder what a phrase like "largely designed" even means.

"We've got these design docs here and mostly written, sir."

For some reason (I blame the cough medicine), I have this image now of guys at Epic Games sitting around like the Mad Men advertising agents, chain smoking cigars, drinking scotch, and patting each other on the back over half finished "design documents" with nothing more than stick figures and word bubbles of "Pew pew pew!" Hot damn, I need some sleep.

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#12 Posted by hi_im_rob (249 posts) -

Chair/Epic are doing so well with mobile games that they don't really want to spend the resources to make a sequel to an actual, fully fledged, kick-ass game.

God Damnit.

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#13 Posted by Vexxan (4633 posts) -

Shouldn't be too hard to find one, right? It's not like there're any risks involved in releasing a sequel to such a popular game.

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#14 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

I'm thinking Summer of Arcade 2012, unless they find a publisher that will release it for PS3 as well. Either way, a Shadow Complex 2 is excellent news.

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#15 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

Today is a glorious day

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