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Shady Sands was founded in 2142 by former inhabitants of Vault 15. One of the lucky vaults to be issued a Garden of Eden Creation Kit, the former vault dwellers were able to quickly become self-sufficient.

By 2161 some of the radiated soil had been cultivated to produce crops. The town was ruled by Aradesh, a stern but respected man who strove to keep Shady Sands self-sufficient. His daughter, Tandi, would go on to become one of the founders of the New California Republic.



Shady Sands was founded by members of Vault 15 who had left the vault. They used a G.E.C.K. to start their small village, and make it self sufficient. The village was founded in 2142, by 2160 it had become completely self sufficient, having several herds of brahmin and irrigation farms that produced cabbages and corn.

Eventually, the small town was beset by radscorpions that had a lair in a nearby cave as well as raiders, the Khans and the Vipers. These problems would be eliminated by the Vault Dweller who came to Shady Sands in 2161. He killed all of the radscorpions, bringing back a venom sack to the town doctor, Razlo, in order to make an antidote to the deadly radscorpion poison. The vault dweller then left Shady Sands, to journey to Vault 15 in hopes of finding a water chip. During this time, Tandi, the daughter of the town's leader Aradesh, was kidnapped by the raider faction known as the Khans. The Vault dweller, who returned to Shady Sands, offered his help again, and eventually managed to wipe out the raiders and rescue Tandi.

With the radscorpion and raider threat gone, the town of Shady Sands was allowed to prosper and expand at a great rate. In 2186 the foundation for the New California Republic is laid down by Aradesh, Tandi and Seth. By 2189 the New California Republic becomes a federation of five states, Shady Sands, Los Angeles, Maxson, Hub and Dayglow.



Shady Sands is usually the first settlement encountered by the player once they leave Vault 13. Upon entering the town, the player may speak to Seth and ask him about the town's radscorpion problem. Seth will mention that his brother, Jarvis, has been poisoned by radscorpions and Seth will direct the player to speak with Aradesh if they want to help.

Aradesh will offer the player the opportunity to destroy the radscorpion nest, since the town's brahmin herd is suffering from their attacks. By journeying to the radscorpion cave and killing the inhabitants, the player may collect poison that can be used to save Jarvis. Seth will escort the player to the nest, though he will not accompany them inside. Ian, a former caravan guard recovering in Shady Sands, may be recruited as a companion. Once the nest is cleared, the player returns to Shady Sands and receives the thanks of Aradesh and the entire community.

If the player has a high enough science skill, they can tell the farmers in Shady Sands about crop rotation and help the town become even more sustainable.

Once the player has explored the nearby Vault 15, Aradesh begs them for help to rescue Tandi from the Khans, a local raider clan. The player may choose to go in guns blazing, or take a stealthy approach. Regardless, once Tandi is rescued, the Vault Dweller is treated like royalty in Shady Sands.

Fallout 2

Shady Sands is transformed from a small town, into the capital of the New California Republic. For more information see New California Republic (location).

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