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To Brandish a Shiv 0

Let us clarify matters first and foremost.  Shank is an awesome game.  And in this case, by 'awesome,' what I really mean is 'could have been amazing except...'  There are quite a few flaws in the overall product that is Shank, however they are by no means show-stoppers.  The game is absolutely worth your time (of which it won't take an awful lot) and money.  By now it is probably safe to assume that everyone has seen plenty of Shank in still shots and in motion.  It really is a beautifully craf...

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Desperado meets Ninja Gaiden in the Second Dimension 12

Shank is a stunningly beautiful and bloody gorefest with few flaws...    Cassandra - showing off more than just Shank's sexy artstyle... Premise:   Shank is about stabbin' and shootin' dudes in the face in a gory and elegantly over the top manner Shank is about its comic artstyle presentation with supersmoothly animated combat choreography Shank is about hip pulp fiction story à la Desperado and Machete   Pros:   Gorgeous visuals Comic artstyle Top of class animations Deep and int...

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A Dull Stunning Shank 3

I bought Shank due to boredom last night, I decided to buy this over Scott Pilgrim and I have mixed feelings about the game.    With first impressions, the game impresses to no end.  The combat is silky smooth, the story (while campy) is decent, the music mellows you out, and the graphics look stunning in high definition.  Shank gave me some of the best hour of gaming in a long time, and for that I give it nothing but praise.    The game however breaks down after the third or fourth boss fight, ...

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A Beatiful Excercise in Frustration and Monotony 7

Shank has received a lot of praise for its uniquely stunning art-style which definitely amounts to what is a beautiful game. Despite aesthetic beauty and some well matched music, the game is an exercise in frustration and intense button mashing. It is a standard brawler with an amazing disguise that attempts to mask the fact that the game quickly gets stale and repetitive.It’s obvious that Klei Entertainment has a large and talented art/animation division because of the beautiful work they have ...

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A Short But Sweet Interactive Cartoon... 0

     There are games that are all style with no substance, but there are some that are both and Shank fits that description. When you first see Shank in action, you feel like you're playing a cartoon straight up from Cartoon Network's glory days. The obvious comparison Shank draws from is Samurai Jack, but with knives and guns which is not that bad considering both Shank and Samurai Jack are badass warriors in their craft. This indie darling that got positive buzz from past gaming conventions is...

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Shankadyllic or just Shankable? 0

Lately the side-scrolling genre has become very popular amongst both gamers and developers, games like Shadow Complex, Braid, Lost in Shadow and Kirby’s Epic Yarn are games that have gotten a lot of attention. Some of these bring something new with them, while others stick with the good old recipe that has been handed down in the family for generations. Shank from Klei Enternainment Inc is nothing revolutionary when it comes to this genre, but it does not follow the recipe to the last dot.What d...

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A Dull Blade 0

 When my chainsaw made its final slice, I had killed 837 henchmen, including the 36 rabid dogs I was forced to put down. Grenades had been stuffed in mouths. Machetes had chopped off more limbs then I could count. The 14-year-old boy in me should have been giddy from the violence that Shank revels in, but all I did after the credits ended was shrug. When you press start, Shank, the game and the like named protagonist, begins strong.  The first cutscene that starts Shank’s Tarantinoesque quest f...

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Improvised Stabbing Device 0

  Shank, for anyone who hasn't been keeping up, is an old-school brawler with a distinctive art style.   You really don't see a lot of games like this anymore, especially not at full price because in general, action games have evolved beyond the simple side-scrolling beat 'em up action that you find in a game like this.   But at $15 Shank is a game that has some real potential.   Fans of games like Streets of Rage or Final Fight will know exactly what to expect when loading up Shank for th...

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Shank: Quentin Tarantino meets Streets of Rage 0

   Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold – unless it’s that furious, sweltering vengeance that is only comparable to the beating rays of the Mexican sun boiling down on any foolish enough to stand in it’s way or not wear sunscreen.Bleeding the directorial attitude of Quentin Tarantino into gameplay that will easily remind anyone of brawler, Streets of Rage and that coagulated mess circling around a maroon-stained drain will eventually dry and cake into the porcelain serving up a heaping hel...

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To Shank is to Love 0

  Shank delivers on rewarding fast-paced, 2D style beat 'em up action, even if the experience comes off as brief.  For those not willing to muddle through the great walls of text, here’s a quick break down: Pros: + Quick-moving 2D action happens with so much style I picture the developers posing with Spirit fingers + Multitude of weapons and techniques that allow for seamless stringing of combos + Story that provides more than just a reason to stab dudes, and decent voice acting to boot.   Con...

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Why I shut Shank off and Deleted it! 0

    As much as I really liked Shank to begin with.  The longer I played the game the more I felt like this 5-7 level game was being needless extended for the myth of a game has to be "this long."  Rather than coming to a natural end.  I loved the graphically style, the voice acting, and the whole Tarintino-effect that the game was going for.       But this effect can only take you so far before things like character skins and gameplay begin to get in your way.  Basically, what we get is by 2/3 o...

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Beautiful brawler but does half of it right 0

Shank starts off with a rather cool animated intro of the titular character entering a bar and having to dispatch dudes while gaining his arsenal in the progress to be used in the game. It's stylish, it looks stunning and it immediately sets the tone: wild, crazy, gorgeous and violent....and then the game starts. It's not enough to be immediately apparent the problems the game has but it feels like the most it goes on, the more you notice your huge excitement for the game starts to drop. Fiddly ...

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A satisfying Brawler with hidden potential 0

  I am a HUGE fan of brawlers and, having just finished playing the living hell out of scott pilgrim, I can offer a decent comparison between Shank and your average brawler (Elevator Levels!!!!  There aren't any in shank fyi).  The combat in Shank has way more depth than your run-of-the-mill brawler.  I also found that hard mode was frustrating at some points (like getting knocked into a pit over and over with either a missile or grenade ARGHH!!!),  but it provided an excellent challenge ...

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Probably one of the coolest games i've played. 0

Yes i said coolest, a complement it is but as for everything else i can't help to say 15 dollars is to much for a 3 hour game if so even something like Deathspank (an episodic series) is to much. But staying on this comparison Shank's story mode is lengthen at 3 hours with the co op counterpart of shank being this completely different game, showing a back story and obviously new levels which makes it all so great. If you were to play Shank in it's entirety from by your self to with a buddy on th...

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Dear Shank 0

Dear ShankI don't really mean what I said in the title it's just we have been dating for 3 hours now and I feel that it's over. We had some good times in that three hours but you kept saying the same thing over and over again and I have to move on and see other people instead of the same four or five guys you gave me. Yes, I think you are beautiful, it's not about that at all! It's not about looks! You want to know why? an example of why I am not happy with you? I nearly fell asleep when you tol...

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Well Animated 0

Shank is an arcade beat em' up fighting game that really makes a great impression at first but then fails to keep players interested half way through. First let me start with the things I really like about Shank; one, it is a fast paced beat em' up game that follows the fomula for that genre right; second, it is very well animated and stylized, so stylized to the point that it can be on par with a Robert Rodriguez or Tarantino grind house feature. Those are the good things, the bad things are th...

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Shank like ya wanna! 0

First off... if you've not watched the video, do it.... ok, good... That saved me the trouble of telling you how frikkin amazing the animation is in this game! It's roughly 2gb, and for good reason. Most of that must be artwork.  The game itself oozes style and top quality presentation (like cut scenes being presented in a picture in picture). However.. it's not all rosey in Shank's world, especially when it comes to gameplay. It gets repetetive quite quickly, and once you've picked up a few of ...

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Doesn't cut very deep. 0

This game look great but control badly. There were several points during my time with the game that I couldn't progress simply because Shank simply couldn't respond to my input fast enough to react to on coming threats (grenades mostly) You can tell that the developer prioritised animation over everything else. Despite this, the game remains entertaining and moderately engaging.It's fairly short, so if you find it for cheap I would recommend it as a brief detraction. Otherwise, get Trine or Trin...

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killed by repetition 0

"Amazing!!" I exclaimed on first look. Most fluid animation I'd ever seen in a game of this sort. Funny, over-the-top gore coupled with a character style straight out of metalocalypse. It was simply genius. But then the luster began to wear off as the same enemies were thrown at me left and right. And normally this would be ok, but as the levels increased so did the amount of hits it took to destroy enemies. To the point that it nearly gave me carpal tunnel on each scenario from the amount of ma...

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