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Sheila is Yang Fang Leiden's wife in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Like her husband, she is a resident of Fabul. She is also the mother of Ursula, who only appears in The After Years. Sheila was not given a proper name until the release of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on the PSP. In all previous releases, she is unnamed and simply referred to as "Yang's Wife."

When the player's party first visits Fabul in Final Fantasy IV, they must assist in defending the castle from a Baron invasion. After the battle is over, it is revealed that Sheila defended herself quite well by knocking out enemy soldiers that approached her with her frying pan. In the DS version of the game, she gives she Counter augment to the party as they are about to board the ship bound for Baron. Later in the game, when she learns that Yang, previously thought dead, is alive and well, resting with the Sylphs, she tells Cecil to hit her husband with a frying pan. She later presents a knife to the party that Edge can use as a throwing weapon.

In The After Years, Sheila reveals yet another use for a frying pan as she presents one to the party, along with a ladle, and tells the others to bang the two together in order to wake up Yang and Ursula.

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