xfangedx's Shenmue II (Xbox) review

An amazing game in this truly epic series

Shenmue 2 has alot of positives and very little negatives

Yu sukie did it again as he has created an amazing story continue with a entirely different enviroment,cast of characters and new gameplay additions.
The game adds several new additions to the gameplay and even more on the xbox version with picture mode allowing to take snapshots in game and adds lots of side games including betting,street fighting,more arcade games and side mission/jobs that involve a wealth of mini games.
Shenmue is my favorite game of all time and the reason is because of the characters that i would see everyday walking on the street that i could interact with and watch as the relationship between ryu and the character developed sadly this is nearly non exsistent in shenmue ll due to the fact the shenmue is set in a small town in japan where shenmue ll is set in china and trust me it feels as big as china.
the pedestrians walking the street dont know you like in shenmue so they could care less about you and just feel like they all have no personality.
unlike shenmue the only characters you will really interact with in shenmue 2 are the main characters or mission characters that you are forced to interact with and not only this but the sceneary just doesnt feel as interesting as it did before part due again to just how big of a game shenmue ll is compared to shenmue but there isnt that arcade shop or the hotdog stand guy or that bar with the pool table kind of feel shenmue ll has nothing that feels familiar and with a game like shenmue thats not necessarily a good thing
Really the only two negative things i have to say about shenmue ll is 1]its almost to big and unfamiliar with little memorible places to go and 2]it was not technically as superior for its time as the 1st one was back in 2000
In 2002 we had halo gta3 and mgs 2 all out and shenmue in comparison technically did not stand toe to toe as shenmue ll ultimately feels like a hi res dreamcast game.
I know looking at this review from a quick glance and seeing how much more is written on the negative side that the positive side you may feel like this is a average game at best well you are wrong!
Letters cant describe the enjoyment someone can get from shenmue ll as long as you have a liking somewhat for asian art style and like action adventure with a kick[PUND INTENDED]of martial arts.
Ultimately the best thing this game does is it continues the ever so magnificent story thats all a fan of shenmue really wants and while it could have added a couple more gameplay mechanics and updated more for its time and couldve had more of a intimate world 
It does way to many things right[Amazing boss battles,interesting story and hours upon hours of rich gameplay]for you not to purchase this game if your even slightly interested.
If you are fortunate enough to find this game on xbox or the pal version on the dreamcast and dont Pick it up YOU ARE SIMPLY PUT A FOOL,AS MUCH OF A FOOL as keanu reeves is a character actor get what im saying BUY IT BY ANY MEANS NECCESARY!.!

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