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Sherry Birkin is a secondary character featured in Resident Evil 2, as well as its light-gun retelling Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Often home home alone due to the busy and obsessive work schedules of her parents, Sherry was contacted by her mother and instructed to seek shelter at the Raccoon City Police Department following an outbreak of the T-virus in the city.

Sherry is exceptionally strong for her age, having practically raised herself. Her parents -- top Umbrella Corporation scientists William and Annette Birkin -- are extraordinarily career-driven and spend inordinate amounts of time on their research. Her resourcefulness is what keeps her alive through several grueling days with the thoroughly ravaged Raccoon City before she eventually meets Claire Redfield.

Sherry is voiced by Lisa Yamanaka in Resident Evil 2, by Laura Bailey in The Darkside Chronicles, and by Eden Riegel in Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6.


The daughter of two prolific scientists employed by the Umbrella Corporation, Sherry spends much of her time alone and under the occasional care of her next-door neighbor. Despite not seeing them very often, Sherry loves her mother and father whole-heartedly, and remains unaware of the nature of their research with Umbrella. Even not knowing or understanding what it is, she considers their work to be as important as they do.In September of 1998, William Birkin refuses to hand over the nearly-complete G-virus to an Umbrella extraction team, leading to a series of events that jeopardizes all of Raccoon City. Sherry is contacted by her mother, who tells her to grab her locket and head straight to the Raccoon City Police Department. She is there, hiding, as the building's line of defense crumbles and the majority of its officers are either killed or turned into ravenous undead. She spends the next few days hiding in ventilation shafts and eating from vending machines, terrified of a sudden onset of haunting, guttural howling that has taken over the station.

When Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy arrive at the station, she spends her time watching them and eventually fleeing from both before the former is able to corner her in the office of police chief Brian Irons. Sherry is near-to-convinced to accompany Claire before the guttural cries begin again, and she flees, afraid of putting Claire in the path of the monster that Sherry believes to be hunting her.

Resident Evil 6

Absent from the story for years, Sherry's fate has remained an unresolved plot thread since the end of Resident Evil 2. However, she finally makes her return in the upcoming Resident Evil 6, in which she is now an adult and a government agent. She is a playable character in Jake Muller's campaign, and she goes to Edonia in Eastern Europe and is tasked with ensuring the safety of Jake because he carries a special blood type that can be used as a treatment to the C-Virus, but he is only willing to give a sample of his blood if someone gives him enough money.

Other Media


Sherry is featured prominently in the third installment -- entitled City of the Dead -- of S.D. Perry's Resident Evil novelization. She is depicted much the same as she is in the game franchise, shown to be independent and brave beyond her twelve years of age. Having been present throughout the worst of the outbreak, she has witnessed more than her fair share of horror with regard to the ordeal.

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