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Another Solid NFS Surfaces 1

Criterion Games got it right with the release of the new Hot Pursuit, and it seems that Slightly Mad Studios has also managed to zap a little more life into an exhausted franchise. Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed is the continuation of 2009's NFS: Shift. The game is an arcade-style racer that tailors to the simulation audience, and offers players the chance to drive some high-performance race cars on some of the world's most challenging circuits. There is a modest level of car customization an...

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Fast & Furious 0

After Criterion’s successful take on the Need For Speed franchise with Hot Pursuit, Slightly Mad Studios had big boots to fill for the sequel to their critically acclaimed, Need For Speed Shift. And fill them, they did.If you ever played Hot Pursuit, you’ll know that it is very arcadey. Don’t go into Shift 2 Unleashed hoping for the same. This time, it’s not about evading the cops, it’s about getting across the finish line first in the cleanest, tidiest manner possible. Think this all sound far ...

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Shift 2:Unleashed 0

Shift 2 Unleashed is Slight Mad Studios latest attempt at Simulation based racing, the series has a long history with the Need for Speed franchise and is there GT5/Forza competitor, they decided to drop the Need for Speed in the title this time probably to separate it from the other more arcade based titles, the well received Hot Pursuit and World(online free to play). There a roughly 130 cars available to buy with a wide choice of different types available for each event type rated with a per...

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Great car; blown engine 0

Shift 2 gets so much right; in-car/in-helmet view, AI, track selection, car customization, damage model, night racing, Autolog, that it is all the more painful when you realize the game is flawed at its core. I am a fan of all types of racing games, but by any standard Shift 2's twitchy, slick handling model is poorly done. You can throw numerous assists and configurations at the problem to make it serviceable but the core of your driving experience will always feel askew. Adding to the issues a...

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More Arcade than Sim 0

Not a bad game, but a bit underwhelming for anyone who was lapping up the hype we were being fed by all the clips released before the game. Contrary to the million dollar marketing campaign, this does not feel like a racing sim. It is very much, another Need for Speed release....which is probably what we should have expected. I won't go on about the "helmet cam" because it's already been covered by every other review out there, but it's just not a view you can use to win races. My overall strugg...

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Shift 2 stalls at the start but finishes strong 0

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed’s attempt at being a quality racing sim falls short but is still fun to play. A lot of the famous tracks of motorsport are in the game like Suzuka Circuit and Mazda Speedway. The problem is that the game doesn’t go far enough to give you the motorsport feel. There are only eight races that are longer than six laps. At no point in the game do you need to worry about tyre condition and pit stops aren’t even an option. The races are short enough that one crash or sl...

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Pretty Cars Doing Nasty Things. 0

 Shift 2 is extremely hard and will always keep you on your toes. The suspense is unbearable, in a good way. It's much better than it's predecessor. The helmet cam and night time driving are great new features that totally immerse you into the game. The graphics are jaw-dropping and it'll make driving cars more fun. The main problem is the handling. I always ended up crashing because the car just wouldn't freaking turn. The lack of a rewind feature meant that I had to start from the begin...

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