Your best conversation with a demon

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What are some of the weirdest, funniest, and probably shocking talks with demons you had?

So far that gold rat from the early levels kept calling me old and was always upset when I had another female demon in my party.

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I had like 1 HP, and a demon asked me for life. I told them "I don't have that".

Flynn is really self-deprecating, I guess.

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Granted, it's from the first Shin Megami Tensei, but I feel it still counts.

#4 Posted by believer258 (13034 posts) -

I remember asking one to join my side and he said "All right!" No fuss. He just switched sides.

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I was trying to recruit a demon at the beginning of the game and he told me "I want your Centaur to die!", so I let him kill my demon, which he responded by saying "Later!" and left.

Asshole demons.

#6 Edited by Flappy (2407 posts) -

Demon: "Why should I join you?"

Flynn: "I can get you ladies (or something to that effect).

Demon: "W-what? Are you some kind of Demon pimp? P-Police!!" *flees*

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@flappy: That was the exact conversation I thought of when I saw this thread!

It worked out really well because there was a zombie cop in his party.

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