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 But I can't. Why? I'm stuck in p3. I need a damn Pyro jack so I can do one of the quests, get a king Frost, then the ultamit Fool persona for the boss battle with Nyx.

I'm level 74 everyone else is 66 - 69, yes I'm one of those people who dosn't just take one party, I take EVERYONE and make sure they all level just in case i need a certain skill or someone with me during a fight. I think it's a good idea and I like doing it <<

Anyway. As stated I need a Pyro Jack for Persona 3. Supposedly you can get them early on but somehow I missed it, I have a normal Jack frost lvl 8, But I'm one month away before my big fight and I wanted to stock up on awesome persona for the big fight.

I don't wanna epic fail when I get there.

So does anyone know how to fuse a Pyro Jack in 3, or even where to find it in tartarus? I figured I'd ask here sense a lot of p3 and p4 buffs (or SMT in general gamers) were around.

Thats All I need and I will be ETERNALLY greatful for any helpful information. I've tried searching around google and so on but everyone already has one and I've NEVER came accross one in the entire game.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I was told that:

Slime + Inugami
Unicorn + Chimera
Ares + Angel

Is that right?

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Any of those should be fine to be honest. I did Nyx at 65@~ and lost at the last phase. Then I got into Monad, levelled to 90, grabbed the best personas and 2 shotted every form.

It's satisfying :P

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I'm going to try it as soon as I can get my sister off the TV

I freaked cause I didn't think I would get some good persona by the end. I got a month and didn't wanna be running around the lower levels of tarterous(sp) gaining 1 exp trying to find a Pyro Jack where I could be at least gaining 2 level's a day in the higher ones and fusing one.

I'm excited and Nervous for Nyx because I don't want P3 to end (I already know how it ends and I know i'll be a girl and still cry) but I have FES so i'll prolly play that side by side with P4.

But thank you soooo much for the info I didn't think I could fuse one with everyone saying in other places that you gotta find it.

So this makes my day!

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