Favorite Persona 3 guy?

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#2 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

My favorite is Ken. :3

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Um, what about Junpei?

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@supermike6 said:
Um, what about Junpei?
He isn't a romance option in P3P.
He only likes goth chicks.
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@LordXavierBritish: Oh, right. I forgot about her. Also, I never played P3P, only FES. I never really liked Junpei much anyways; it just seemed weird to exclude him.
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@supermike6 said:

I never really liked Junpei much anyways

get out

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Shinjiro, also they play that depressing music almost every time you social link with him, considering what happens later it's pretty heartbreaking
But he can be annoying at times

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@hedfone said:

@supermike6 said:

I never really liked Junpei much anyways

get out

Sorry, but I'm with Supermike D: I never really liked Junpei.

I choose Akihiko!

#10 Posted by Cathryn (574 posts) -

It was hard for me to pick between Shinji and Akihiko, but I went with Shinji :)

Also, Junpei is awesome <3

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