Should I buy this?

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Okay, so I'm gonna buy some sort of SMT game after Easter, and Persona 4 is one of my options. And I know this game is very highly thought of on this website. So, should I buy this game (I don't have a Vita for Golden) or wait for another game, specifically Soul Hackers?

And some side questions:

1.) Is this game hard? I really want a challenge...

2.) Is the story as deep as Persona 2's, my favorite game of the Persona series?

3.) Do the dungeons get repetitive?

That's all I need to say, basically. :P

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Yeah you should its cool

1. You can set it on hard difficulty if you want

2. Not quite, it's a different appeal

3. Yeah

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So you can change the difficulty, the story is pretty good, and the dungeons are repetitive. Hmm, not sure what to think about that. Also, how good are the Social Links? Persona 3's kind of disappointed me, with a few exceptions...

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yeah without a doubt!

1) It can be you can set difficulty higher or do less grinding.

2) not quite, different feel more light hearted in nature.

3) the structure don't really change but themes work to spice them up so not really.

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Well, thanks for your replies! I'll probably get this game and try it out. I'm looking forward to buying this :)

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Everyone here is going to say yes. Also yes.

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Not even reading the post. Yes you should play Persona 4.

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1.) Is this game hard? I really want a challenge...

It all depends on your take of the game. It is harder than your average jrpg. It has difficulty settings.

2.) Is the story as deep as Persona 2's, my favorite game of the Persona series?

Persona 4 is more lighthearted in comparison to the other persona games as another user said. But the story is still good nonetheless according to the majority of people who have played Persona 4.

3.) Do the dungeons get repetitive?

Like most jrpgs it will become repetitive but can be awarding.

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1.) Eh, you can change the difficulty. Don't play on normal if you want a challenge.

2.) Haven't played Persona 2 so I can't really speak for that. The characters are the most appealing part of the story though.

3.) The structures are largely the same, but the themes change and there are a few wrenches thrown into the later dungeons on some floors. It never really feels like you're doing the same dungeon over and over again, but you're almost always running down hallways opening doors, looking for the stairs, or looking for shadows to grind. You never have to do dungeons back to back, so that also helps. You can always choose to do some social linking if stuff gets repetitive.

I highly recommend it. One of my favorite rpgs for the ps2.

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Two words. " Fuck " and " Yeah ".

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It's worth the buy, if not for its difficulty, its story and excellent game play. It's one of my favorite games of all time, really only beat out by Persona 3 lol. The entire Persona franchise is one that everyone should follow avidly.

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It is definitely worth buying. Persona 4 is my second favorite game of all time (persona 3 FES is the first).

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Oh hell yes. As to your other questions:

  1. In some areas, hell yes. Shadow Yukiko will kick your ass.
  2. Maybe? That's a really hard question to answer, especially since I love Persona 2, too.
  3. Not really.
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im going to get a lot of hate for this but so far i liked persona 3 better than 4. Although i haven't beaten 4 so i cant really say yet.

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@smtfan123: it's like asking people in a bar if you should drink.

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@smtfan123: You should buy a Vita, the menus in P4G are a lot more user friendly.

Also, i know i'm in the minority but Golden Chie is way better than Original Chie, IMO. :)

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